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The original frequencies (OF) can be described as the healing energy streams, that flows through the new unified planetary electromagnetic divine-human matrix or also called the Original Unified Matrix (OUM), which bring all creation into alignment and oneness within every person physical body, As the universal divine matrix has been fully unified with the electrometric field and crystalline grids system of the planet, the physical plane of the earth and the human body can become spiritualized matter in harmonic way.

When you are reconnected with the original frequencies and/or have a crystal connected to an original frequency near you, it will help you to gradually get your overall consciousness, all your divine energy fields and physical body tuned to the truest laws of nature harmony that govern all life in the planet and the same universal principles that govern the universal and cosmic planes of existence.


A crystal tuned to an original frequency, is a catalyst that speeds up self-conscious evolution, as the higher frequencies vibrations help the physical body to heal itself and allow a complete energetic integration with your spiritual soul essence. Each Crystals increases conscious awareness to allow a gradual and harmonious evolution, to find your authentic self and a more profound meaning of your life as you become a divine human being.


In a general sense all the crystals tuned to an original frequency promote the evolutionary process of the human being to make a leap of consciousness towards the original design of the divine human being, these are some of the properties of the OFC:

  • Attunement to the healing electromagnetic layers of the planet, improves the connection with the energy of the planet promoting the health, vitality and well-being of the physical body.

  • Help in the process of awakening of the inner authentic self and becoming aware of the harmful and limiting mental patterns programmed in the subconscious mind

  • Help to harmonize and soften the negative, repressed, denied, rejected and projected emotions that have been frozen in the pain-body.

  • Help to release the karmic energies of irresponsible acts and gradually awaken and integrate the light, love and inner wisdom that the soul has accumulated throughout all the incarnations, reaching a state of coherence between the mind and the heart.

  • Opens new energetic channels and spiritual connections that help will help you reach a higher level of consciousness and integrate your the divine original soul frequency within your physical body, this process activates harmoniously the original energetic structure of the divine human being.

  • Help to improve the connection with the beneficial energies of the planet, the universe and the solar system.

  • Help you to maintain your alignment and spiritual connection during your personal ascension and transformational process.


  • Help to balance and harmonize the energy of the spaces of your home, work, car etc. by neutralizing lower negative frequencies and the harmful radiations of the environment coming from electrical appliances, electrical substations, telephone antennas, radio etc.


At present there is no scientific proof that the crystals have a healing energy in themselves, but there is the concept of ELECTROMAGNETISM tested and developed by the Scottish physicist James Clerck Maxwell, who synthesized experiments on electricity and magnetism. This concept, together with the advances in quantum theory, provide evidence about the lost wisdom that our ancestors knew, according to which EVERYTHING has a certain frequency or vibration and crystals have the greatest capacity to influence and change the frequencies of other bodies or objects when they are near or occupying the same place or space as them.

A crystal, holds its own frequency and when it is inside the electro-magnetic field of a person causes its vibration to increase, creates a repairing and healing effect. Through the physical law of resonance, it affects the whole organism from the cells to the nervous system to thoughts and emotions, transforming the lower vibrations that weaken us into higher ones that strengthen us.

The origin of the original frequencies is born through a process of self-discovery, when my sensitivity to higher frequencies was awaken, I consciously experienced the beneficial effects of the re-connection between the electromagnetic fields and crystalline grids of the planet and the different electromagnetic fields that make up my soul consciousness, my physical body, my organs, my cells and all body fluids.

During this process, I discovered and remembered, that it is possible to join the electro-magnetic fields of the earth and higher vibrational divine matrix of creation with crystals to create the Original Unified Matrix (OUM) of light. As each crystal is connected with an Original Frequency, it act as a catalyst, to help people to reconnect with their soul original frequency and integrate it in the physical body. Gradually this creates and rebuilds your own OUM that allows the universal and the planetary higher frequencies to fully merged with the human consciousness and physical body to reach an expand state of consciousness as a divine human.

"The theory of the whole or theory of unified fields must explain all the forces of Nature, and all the characteristics of energy and matter, must solve the cosmological question, that is, give a convincing explanation to the origin of the Universe and of life, it must unify relativity and quantum, something that has not yet been achieved, and in addition, it must integrate other universes if there are any. " - Albert Einstein

As you increase your awareness using the Original Frequencies crystals and training courses, you will make the changes to create your reality based on you true self. The principles of abundance, order, harmony, balance, peace, love that are part of your original divine human design.


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