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The original frequency of violet light has been created with two main purposes. The first purpose is to help each person to transform all the accumulated karma, by activating your inner wisdom so you can practice forgiveness and compassion towards oneself and towards others.

Many times you do not understand why your personal relationships are not based on love, an important part has to do with the irresponsible acts lived throughout all the incarnations of your soul, your soul has needed to experience darkness at both ends, sometimes being selfish, just thinking about your needs and others being excessively generous and pleasant forgetting your needs, through irresponsible acts that were not based on the common good for all sides, finding balance between giving and receiving, the soul has created its own karma.

The second purpose is to help awaken and recognize the level of spiritual consciousness that is part of each person, which escapes the domain of reason, where it is necessary to seek, know and desire that which does not age as the body and what does not perish with the death of one, the part of your being that goes beyond your personality and this life-time.

On the Physical level

One of the factors that negatively influences the health of the body, and that contributes to the illness, is the harmful karmic energy that has been accumulated mentally and emotionally. In the levels of the familiar and ancestral consciousness, this energy is connected to the physical body at a genetic level through DNA. The Benefits of this frequency are:

  • Transforms the energy of pain accumulated by all the experiences of family and ancestral suffering, mainly the energetic patterns of resentment, anger and guilt. Once transmuted, the body and organs undergo a profound healing.

  • The original frequency of violet light helps in the cleaning of the karmic cellular memories that have been stored in the organs. By releasing this stagnant energy in the organ, a deep healing of the physical body takes place.

  • At a physical level it also helps to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, also its very beneficial to treat insomnia.

On the Mental level

  • It helps to transform into beneficial qualities, those personality patterns focused on defects and self-destructive behaviors.

  • It helps to calm the mind, fostering inner inspiration and vision.

  • It helps to transform negative thoughts, developing the positive mind.

  • It helps to awaken the level of spiritual consciousness, reprogramming the beliefs system that lead to an excessive need of materialism.

On an Emotional level

  • On an emotional level, it allows you reach a state of inner knowing to deeply understand the causes of the situations that might cause you suffering.

  • It promotes balance and emotional stability.

  • It helps to gradually reduce the states of anxiety and nervousness.

  • Releases you from emotional dependency, helping in the process of assimilating the losses and letting go the old.

On the Soul level

It helps to develop the qualities of forgiveness, compassion and spiritual understanding. In many cases you live painful experiences that you are not able to understand, experiencing rejection, resentment and rage towards others and and your-self. You may feel victim of someone or on the contrary you experience feelings of guilt and regret towards yourself for hurting other people feelings.

However, one of the main problems of humanity is that it has forgotten its spiritual nature and lives in a state of "spiritual ignorance". The soul has a feminine and masculine nature, in essence, it is neither one nor the other. In order to reach a state of conscious balance between both aspects of self, the soul has needed to lived many lives as a man and as a woman. Gradually, you have developed masculine and feminine qualities necessary for evolution and the recognition that you are essentially a soul. This is the way to transcend the illusion of gender related to the body you inhabit.

When you live unpleasant experiences, there is an evolutionary why. Your soul has chosen those experiences so that you can heal the emotional wounds of your masculine and feminine consciousness, that you carry within by not having been able to complete life and learning lessons in other lives. These experiences are the challenges that the soul has set itself to achieve, through what you perceive as negative, by not having a spiritual perspective of reality and not being able to understand vital learning lessons. One of them, perhaps the most important, the spiritual lesson of forgiveness.

On the Energy level

  • It helps to awaken and re-connect the level of spiritual consciousness, elevating and improving the spiritual connection during your personal process of healing and conscious evolution.

  • It helps in particular to transmute the energy of rage, resentment, guilt and lack of compassion.

  • Helps develop the chakra of the third eye and awaken the psychic senses.

  • Activate the energy of forgiveness within you, allowing you to take a great evolutionary step in the process of completing the original energetic structure of the divine human being.


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