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This is a self-growth personal and spiritual Methodology based on a combine vision of traditional psychology

and soul psychology bringing a more holistic perspective of the purpose of life, so everyone can understand the complexity of their existence and life learning processes in a simple and practical way, while developing the skills to evolve consciously.

The approach of this methodology is focus on every person that wishes to incorporate a new practical

knowledge in their everyday living, that will facilitate the rise of consciousness to get past emotional blocks and trauma releasing the old limiting belief system and much more in a very harmonic and gradual process as you evolve into your own original divine human design.


Creating from within is a face-to face teaching methodology based on the following sub modalities:

personal training

become a conscious creator

Nuevo crecimiento

You recognize this moment in your life as a stage of change in which to deprogram beliefs that limit you to move forward. You feel that you need to heal emotional wounds and heal your physical body consciously to reach a new level of energy empowerment. You lead yourself to turn changes into new opportunities that allow you to make your vital learning a personal purpose for your benefit and that of others.

trainers training

train to help other people

You have learned from your experience that in order to reorganize your body, mind and soul you need a conscious personal work. You understand the importance of "creating from within" with respect and love to your own differences or those of other people. Your vital learning evolves significantly and now you understand that it is your time to help other people in their earthly and spiritual evolution.

basic level
Arbol alto
expert level

certified instructors

Árboles forestales

"creating from within" in the world

When you expand your consciousness beyond the boundaries of any border, you understand more than ever the responsibility of being connected to shine. Extending your knowledge and sharing experiences with people from all over the world, increases the meaning of continuity to a job that you started individually but that from this level connects globally.

Logo Registrado.PNG
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