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Basic level personal training

 Learn to create from within and be your conscious creator

Everything you need to know about Conscious Creation to begin to change your reality and understand the mechanisms  

limiting subconscious of the ego!!!

The basic level courses follow the following time sequence to complete the basic level of conscious creator@

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Before starting the training we will meet to find out if you are ready to start your inner transformation through our methodology.


Learn to create the desired reality from within so that it is reflected in your external reality.


Once you have reached the six levels of basic training, you will consciously organize your experience

to approach any situation in a way that is aligned with your own being and with the way you want to live.

The " Conscious @ Creator " certificate is obtained once the six initial level courses have been completed.

It opens the doors for you to advance to the expert level where each course focuses on the subject to be worked on. 


Click to see the detail of each level

Upcoming Scheduled Courses

Receive an individual session

If you are at a time in your life where you do not have enough clarity to recognize that you need to change and/or how to transform the limiting patterns that are repeated,  that prevent you from living from a high state of consciousness in coherence with your interior.

Participant Testimonials

a very interesting holistic vision where you learn to balance the energy between the four dimensions mind, body, emotion and spirit 

When you receive the certificate, you understand all the pieces of the puzzle that were necessary to advance to the expert level

It has allowed us to maintain a much more integrated work system with what we are

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