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Original Frequencies

Raise your consciousness, experience a more meaningful life create a more desire reality from within using

the Original Frequency Crystals and Training Courses.

The Original Frequencies are the healing vibrations that flow through of the unified layers of creation merging the universe, people and the planet into oneness. Experience your conscious evolution process  in a more balance and harmonic way by reconnecting with the Original Frequencies of your soul.

Awake your original frequency, take an evolutionary leap and become your divine human self !!!!


Let's deepen 

¿what kind "Original Frequency" do you need in this moment of your life?

Within the original human divine model, every person has different designs or divine holographic templates. These designs are the different energy structures, that connect the human and the divine in harmony, when these holographic templates are reconstructed and integrated you can experience yourself as a human divine feeling complete merging your personality with your soul and living from a higher state of consciousnesses.


Each holographic template of the original design of the divine human being is connected to an energy layer, which has specific frequency, soul quality and purpose. Naturally, each person tends to express more one soul quality based on their original design and frequency, as the soul purpose was created with a divine intelligence.​​

​Through the original frequencies, you will be able to discover and have a greater understanding of what are the original frequencies that make up your original designs that are part of you as a divine human being, which are the ones that empower and strengthen you the most, what are the ones that you have to balance to reach the inner harmony that your soul had agreed as purpose.

Living from a higher state of consciousness allows you to understand the experiences of everyday life from a higher purpose, where everything that happens is perfect and is part of your evolutionary process of learning and healing. So you can leave the patterns of suffering and pain until you reach a state of love and inner illumination.

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