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The main purpose of the original frequency of green light, is to help restore the natural state of health of the physical body.

On a physical level:

Over time, the physical body might lose its life force energy for different reasons, accumulating less healthy energy that may cause the body to become unhealthy and experience a disease.

The original frequency of green light helps to cleanse and release all disease energy that may be accumulated in the physical body, in its different organs and systems. As an additional effect, it allows to increase vitality and thereby reduce fatigue.

Throughout life, our immune system can become weakened by different causes and one of the benefits of this frequency is to help regulate and strengthen it, restoring the proper functioning of the thymus gland and helping in the healing of hepatitis and other diseases that are partly caused by the gradual weakening of the immune system.

It allows us to distinguish unhealthy eating habits so we can cleanse the body internally and allow its rejuvenation.

Just as our mind stores memories, the physical body has its own memory of the different feelings it has experienced. Whether you are aware or not , the body remembers the traumatic experiences, related to punishment or physical abuse and it stores these memories within. The memory of physical pain can trigger unconscious fears that can limit you, in our personal relationships. For example, an unconscious fear of sharing love and affection through physical contact with another person will be released through this original frequency and the same will occur with the memory of pain due to physical abuse or the fear of being punished again.

On a Psychic / mental level:

This healing frequency will helps you to improve concentration, reduce mental dispersion and gives us a renewal of ideas to do things differently.

It also gives us a lot of mental clarity, being of great help in moments of indecision or confusion. As you maintain a state peace of mind, you will be able to find solutions to problems easily.

On an Emotional level:

This original frequency will help you, to improve the mood in a generalized sense. Also it will make it easier on you, to let go of old emotional wounds and free you from emotional pain. When you go through painful experiences, it is very common that you become emotionally blocked, as you recall past painful emotions connected to suppressed memories , this unconscious state causes that you relive the pain of the past in the present moment although it’s not real. In some cases, this emotional trauma is diagnosed as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder.

On the Soul level:

The vibration of this frequency will help you to develop the following qualities of the soul; tolerance, patience, and also awaken the sleeping wisdom of your soul.

Each experience influences you, to shape your behavior and give meaning to your belief system on which our unique and individual perception of the world is built. In developing the quality of the soul of tolerance, you learn to live with an attitude of greater acceptance and openness to the different opinions, ways of reasoning and feeling of other people. Tolerance as a quality helps you to accept diversity and as you develop it, you manage to live with less conflict and greater peace in your relationships.

The healing frequency of green light helps you to remember and listen to the desires and purposes of your soul.

When you have forgotten to listen to your own inner wisdom, you can be the cause of many of the problems that you are experiencing, as the inner wisdom of your soul awakens you will be able to solve daily life problems with your own solutions.

Also, this frequency helps to heal soul wounds related to losing the will to live and not wanting to be grounded by earth. Especially when you have experienced something that causes you deep suffering, the pain can unconsciously lead you to desire to end your existence, this frequency reconnects you with nature so you can embrace life again and become grounded in your reality, specially is helpful to allow the grieving process and overcame the death of a love one.

This wound, in a milder way, can lead to you to run away and escape from the experiences that are part of your life learning and evolutionary lessons, that will allow you to transform the old limiting beliefs system and mature. This escapist attitude to avoid the unpleasant can lead the person take refuge too much in spirituality and gradually isolating yourself from reality and the people who are part of it.

It also frequently helps us in the reconciliation with all life on the planet, activates an attitude of conservation, respect and care for the planet, the trees and all nature in a generalized sense.

On the Energy level:

In some cultures, the human being has forgotten the existence of life force, this self-healing force is one of the greatest powers of nature and life that a person can have to heal themselves and in many cases it has been disconnected from the physical body.

This healing frequency reactivates and reconnects the innate capacity of the physical body to self-heal, to gradually improve the state of health, until reaching a state of perfect health. This happens as life force unblocks and reactivate the inner channels healing flows in the of the physical body, through which the energy vital force circulates and integrates within.

Unlocking the life force within the body, favors among other things to improve the flexibility of the arteries, which helps to maintain a balanced blood pressure or tension.

It also helps you, to heal and repair the biological DNA layer and to improve the connection with the trees to benefit from their healing qualities.


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