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The Original Frequency of Unconditional Love is born with two main purposes.

The first is to help awaken the original loving strength of the heart within each person. All people have an infinite source of love within, so that you could potentially experience that loving force towards your-self at every moment of your existence, and then share it with the people who are part of your life.

The second purpose is to help each person recover a state of cardiac and mental coherence. When the heart reaches a state of calm, it beats in harmony, sending harmonic signals to your brain. This helps the mind to reduce its activity and reduce brain waves so that both mind and heart are tuned into a state of balance and harmony.

The Original Frequency of Unconditional Love will help you to:

On the physical level:

• Helps to heal the organs that have fallen ill due to lack of love towards one-self, especially the organs related to the reproductive system and the womb. In many cases the lack of love towards the physical body is the accumulated lack of love in the family genetics and ancestral lineage.

• Helps each cell in the body to tune into the vibration of unconditional love and thus feel loved again.

• It helps the heart to reach a state of coherence, which strengthens the cardiac system.

• Helps to normalize blood pressure and stabilize the heart rate.

• By improving blood circulation, it helps reduce headache and migraines.

• Help to awaken love for your body, activating the awareness of pampering and being sensitive to the physical body.

On an emotional level:

• Help, in a general sense to open the heart, and recover a deep love feeling a towards oneself and thus be able to share the affection with others.

• Helps to heal the broken heart wound, transforming distrust and lack of faith in love. When you trust and believe in love again, you recover the desire to share your life with someone.

• It helps you strengthen the affective bonds of love in your personal relationships.

• Helps remove heart blockages, allowing repressed feelings of pain and emotional trauma to be recognized and released.

• Helps to dissolve and transform the emotional patterns of sadness, loneliness, guilt and lack of love towards oneself.

• Feeling comforted especially in moments of grief and loss of someone you love.

On a mental level:

• Helps to reduce mental activity until reaching a brain state of Theta waves, which calms stress, relieves anxiety and mental nervousness.

• Increases concentration and improves memory.

• It helps to have greater mental clarity.

• Helps to develop creativity and imagination.

• Helps to develop intuition, by uniting the mind and the heart.

On the Soul level:

• Helps to develop the qualities of compassion, empathy and unconditional love.

One of the qualities that all people need to learn and practice to consciously evolve is unconditional love. By developing this quality you learn that first you have to love yourself, to later on be able to love others.

Is common to have a definition of unconditional love based on attachments and emotional lacks. Socially you learn to follow certain patterns so that other people will fill your inner emptiness with their affection, not being able to give this love to you yourself. This creates one of the greatest fears that humanity experiences, consciously or unconsciously, the fear of being abandoned or emotionally rejected. The accumulated fear becomes "terror of not being loved", avoiding at all costs that the people you love reject you on an affective level. This mechanism of your ego will end up fostering in relationships a manipulative, conditioned and controlling love.

It may be that the heart has been gradually closed by experiencing pain and suffering. You have felt betrayed and abandoned affectively because the love and affection you have given has not been valued enough. However, nothing that you experience happens by change, they are the life experiences that the soul has chosen. When you are unable to understand that your soul has lived more lives and that in some it has been selfish or has not cared for the love or the feelings of others, you miss the change to learn in from the present the lesson of each experience.

From the vision of the soul, to live without giving and sharing your love with others, is to live in a prison that gradually leads to a deep sadness and loneliness. By developing the quality of compassion, You realize that there is no one to blame and you learn how to accept each lesson in a more compassion way towards yourself and others.

On one hand, an excess of empathy can lead you to forget about your feeling and needs and live more focus on taking care of others. On the opposite side, the lack of empathy can make you insensitive and selfish, to think only about you and do not connect with the feelings and needs of others. When you master and balance the quality of the soul of empathy, it allows you to perceive and connect with what others are feelings without assuming them as your and without getting entangled in their problems.

On the energy level:

• Build new internal channels and neural connections to strengthen the union between mind-heart.

• Activates and repairs DNA strands and chains.

• Helps reconnect all layers of multidimensional DNA through the frequency of unconditional love.

• Activates and repairs the toroid structure of the heart, allowing it to be tuned to the frequency 528 HzM.

• Repair possible "holes" or damaged areas of the auric field.

• Neutralizes the energy of fear coming from people and your environment, as you radiate the force of unconditional love from your heart.


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