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The main purpose of the original frequency of the unified mind is to help rebuilt the original design of the holographic mind that will help in the enlightenment process and the transformation of the brainwave until you reach an expanded state of consciousness.

On a physical level:

The brain is divided into three parts: reptilian, limbic and neocortex. The three brains are interconnected at the neuronal and biochemical levels. Each one controls different functions of our body, directly affecting our health, well-being and personal, professional or academic performance.

As the energy channels that connect the different levels of the physical-energetic brain open, the three parts of the brain undergo a merging process to stop functioning separately.

  • The reptilian regulates the involuntary physiological functions of our body and is responsible for the most primitive part of reflex-response.

  • The limbic system is the storehouse of our emotions and memories. In this system is where the amygdala is located, its considered the basis of affective memory.

  • The neocortex or rational brain, is the one that allows to have awareness and self-control, while developing the cognitive abilities of memorization, concentration and self-reflection.


When the mental energy channels are unlocked, the mind begins to function more optimally. It consumes less energy, the extra energy available can be distributed through your organs, tissues, cells and particles. All this improves the health of your body in a general sense.

On an Emotional level:

When stress takes over, the amygdala is activated, not functioning normally. This alteration causes the brain not to process properly the sensory information that comes through, mainly, the ear and other senses.

That is when you can react with impulsiveness, since the functions of the neocortex of emotional self-control are blocked. This state of emotional reactivity influences your well-being negatively by producing emotional fatigue.

As the different levels of your brain are reconnected, the mind stops being in a state of alertness and excessive activity, allowing you to maintain emotional balance and being able to reach a state of emotional equanimity more easily.

On a Mental level:

Normally, what makes it difficult to achieve a state of balance at this level are the set of beliefs and limiting mental patterns stored in the subconscious mind. Therefore, in order to be able to gradually reprogram the limiting beliefs system, it is necessary to reconnect the higher mind ( supra- consciousness), with the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. By reopening the energy channels that allow the union between the three levels of the mind, you can use the energy of your enlightened thoughts and beliefs from your supra- consciousness and consciously and instantaneously reprogram the old limiting beliefs.

This original frequency helps achieve a unified brain wave state thanks to facilitating the reprogramming of limiting beliefs that are related to the brain wave in which the mind is located. If the mind is in an overly active state of alert it can make reprogramming difficult, on the contrary, if the mind is relaxed in a meditative state, conscious reprogramming will be easier to achieve.

Gradually, the mind will reach a neutral state of mind where the brain waves (Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma) will naturally tend to balance and connect, allowing your mind to reach a unified brainwave state that allows you to live with a expanded state of consciousness, thanks to having fused your human mind with your divine mind.

At the level of the Soul:

Helps to develop the soul qualities of Neutral Mind, Conscious Creation and Star Origin.

One of the most important purposes of this frequency is to help each person reach a state of mental mastery or neutral mind. Until the mind enters into a state of serenity and silence, it is not possible to complete the original design of the divine human being. The excess activity that occurs in your mind is connected to the set of thoughts stored in your subconscious and in the collective unconscious mind.

Gradually, through this original frequency you can reach a meditative state without the need to meditate. This state in which the mind is relaxed, allows you to observe more clearly what you need to reprogram. Once the enlightened thoughts of your higher mind have reprogrammed the subconscious, the mind reaches a neutral state of mind.

By improving communication between all levels of your mind and releasing self-destructive patterns, your creative mind becomes active and your thoughts and ideas become creative thoughts. The creative capacity of your being and the energy of creation is often blocked, not allowing you to recognize that your talents and gifts are something that you have to share with others, without feeling or believing in yourself enough to create something unique and unrepeatable in resonance with your inner being. The quality of your soul, as creator, helps you to activate a higher purpose in your life by stopping copying and repeating what other people do.

One of the questions contemplated by cosmology is how the ancient civilizations were totally connected with the stars. The Original Frequency of the Unified Mind also helps you reconnect the starlines. The vibration of the stars, when merged in your energetic system, allows you to raise your vibration to an upper octave that connects you with a deeper level of your being, being able to recover the connection with the cosmic origin of your soul. All people have a connection with the

cosmos that is sometimes blocked, unable to feel the stellar origin of the soul. In general, the soul has its own cosmic origin that could be understood as the level of your consciousness where you feel the connection with the whole universe within you by awakening the frequency of your own inner star.

By reopening this stellar level of your consciousness, it is very possible that your soul has kept its own star codes and cosmic seeds inside. The activation of your own star codes as well as allowing you to be more connected with the origin of your being, with the universe and with the whole, allows you to understand an important part of the vibrational qualities of the original frequency of your soul.

At the Energy level:

  • It helps to remove mental blocks.

  • Reprograming old belief in the subconscious mind and the pineal gland.

  • Regulates and balances the brain wave.

  • It activates the alchemy that allows the fusion of the three parts of the brain and creates new neuronal connections.

  • Activates the unified holographic mind.

  • It allows reaching a state of expanded consciousness.

  • Greater balance and fluidity in your energy system.

  • Open the channels with the star lines.

  • It helps the integration of the vibration of your inner star.

  • Download the star codes and cosmic seeds of your cosmic consciousness.


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