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The Purpose of the Original Hypercube Frequency is to reconnect and restructure the cubic level of consciousness (known as the 4th dimension) that is part of the original blue print of the divine human.

This frequency is connected with the principles of the golden ratio PHI (Φ) Explained in the auric golden proportion and the Fibonacci sequence, this frequency helps to merge the properties of light, time, space, void, matter, magnetism and gravity with the biological and human consciousness to reach an inner state of harmony with nature and all creation.

Below are the benefits of reconnecting and integrating the cubic level of your divine consciousness:


  • The DNA begins to resonate in harmony with the PHI spiral of Nature tuning to the frequency 432 Hz.

  • Help in the process of releasing and purifying the disease energy within the physical body.

  • Favors the manifestation of the purpose of the soul by concentrating the spiritual energy within the physical body to materialize it.

  • Improves concentration, helps to specify and simplify ideas.

  • Helps to reach a state of mental peace and silence.

  • Activates the superconscious mind, to begin to create and manifest your desires and your dreams from a higher level of consciousness and transform the old patterns of the illusion.

  • Provides a feeling of self-gathering, to facilitate access to the inner knowledge of the soul.

  • At soul level, it provides the qualities of stability, constancy and realism.

  • Activate the quantum time in your consciousness, helps in the process of merging the time lines of your soul, so they can become one single reality in the present moment

  • Accelerates the vibration of molecules and upgrades the structure and rotation of the particles at the atomic and subatomic levels. As a result, it brings divine order into matter.

  • Transforms the influence of the fields of gravity on the particles of the atoms.

  • Rebuilds the cubic holographic structure in the fourth dimension of your being.



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