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The main purpose of the original frequency of the unified heart is to help reconstruct the unified heart hologram. When our human heart is unified with our divine heart, we can obtain the following benefits at a physical, emotional, mental, energetic and soul level:

  • Helps to reach the mastery of living from the heart.

  • Awake feelings of self-love and caring for the body.

  • Strengthens the cardiac system, stands the pulse and blood pressure.

  • Reactivates unconditional love in dna.

  • Reduces mental activity and relieves anxiety.

  • Activates the intuition and favores the listening of the interior voice.

  • Activates the sacred geometry of the toroide.

  • Rebuitls the hologram of the unified heart to keep the frequency of unconditional love high & stable.

  • Helps to achieve a state of cardiac-mental coherence.

  • Promote positive feelings to restore body and emotional balance.

There is a geometric model and a double energy flow that continuously feeds and feeds every living being from the universe and the planet, this is the energy that flows through the solar system, the planet, the wind, animals, water, plants, human beings and every atom that is part of creation.


This geometric structure is what can be seen when you split an orange or an apple, in a tornado, in the electromagnetic field that surrounds the earth, the structure of a galaxy and a small atom. In all the levels the universe has a common model that is constantly created to itself, the model of the Toroid, we could say that the universe is a factory of toroids and the double toroidal energy flow could be described as the breathing of the universe.

Toroidal energy flow and the Toroid geometry works as a self-organized system in each of the different levels of the universe, and the electromagnetic fields of the planet. In the different scales and levels that system is self-regulating and always complete. It is a conscious system, which is controlled and knows itself.

The human and divine consciousness, like the universe, is composed of different levels. The different levels gradually become connected and integrated with a single system or unified Toroid so that the consciousness becomes a human-divine consciousness.

As we approach the physical-energetic body of our human nature, there may be blockages that prevent the Toroids and their energy flow at these levels from being totally connected and integrated with the higher level toroids that are part of our divine consciousness. These energy blocks and disconnection between the levels prevent a unified toroid from being reconstructed and make it difficult for our consciousness to reach a human-divine state.

By activating the toroidal energy flow of the heart, within your energy system, will increase the communication between the mind and the heart, and also will bring healing to the physical body as the toroidal structure will restore the electromagnetic field of each organ.

It is scientifically proven that the energy structure of the heart's torus has the ability to influence all the other electromagnetic and toroidal fields of our organs and our consciousness in a profound way, when the heart transmits the energy of negative emotions, they have harmful effects in our health, that can lead to diseases and deep states of depression or stress.

When our system or the toroidal structure of the heart becomes a unified system, we are able to maintain a state of unconditional love, positive feelings and an attitude of gratitude, which helps bring back the physical body and consciousness to a state of balance.

When the physical-energetic heart is contained within a unified toroid structure, the waves of our heart are amplified, this helps the original frequency of unconditional love to remain in a constant flow, to live in a state of cardiac coherence, whose base are the feelings of unconditional love towards oneself. The electromagnetic field of the heart has the ability to radiate and transmit positive feelings to the people around us and to the electromagnetic field of the human collective. In such a way, when you reach a state of unconditional love consciousness, in a silent and loving way you contribute to collective change by expanding and radiating the energy of unconditional love.

The energetic or intuitive heart is what we usually call the inner voice, the structure of our inner voice is composed of at least two parts, one of them is connected with the divine heart of our spiritual essence and another the human heart within our body physical-energetic, by unblocking, activating and tuning both this allows you to strengthen the listening of your inner voice and the frequency of brain waves to slow down avoiding the excess of mental activity that is one of the reasons that causes you to lose clarity and inner discernment.

There is a flow of energy and information that is transmitted intuitively from the heart to the mind and the brain and vice versa simultaneously. It happens when the heart and mind work together, by joining the two systems and becoming one, it is possible that the flow of synergy and communication can always be active.

When reaching a state of cardiac-mental coherence, it avoids stress and mental nervousness since the heart has the purpose of helping the mind to find its balance. This energetic union between the heart and the mind, is part of your original design of the divine human being that all people have so that this inner state between mind and heart is available to all.

Reaching the state of divine human being is a gradual process, once your spiritual essence is awakened, this part of your consciousness communicates with you intuitively through your heart, during the process of reaching a divine human being state , each person has things to be understood in relation to their lessons and life lessons, the healing of the wounds of the soul and the necessary changes to let go and transform the created reality from the inner disconnection and unconsciousness, the greater the inner listening the process is easier to make the decisions and choices to gradually build a conscious reality as a divine human being.


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