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Learn to meditate, transform limitations and inner conflicts...

  • 4 horas
  • 100 euros

Descripción del servicio

The Original Frequency Experience is intended for you to experience as group the technique of meditation and healing through the original frequencies. ​Through meditations and awareness work you will be able to: - Free yourself from limitations that affect you at this moment in your life. - Transform old patterns in the roles you play, - Heal karma in your personal relationships - Strengthen your capacity for self-healing of the physical body - Improve your connection with the planet consciousness. -Transform energy blocks that prevent you from living in the present from self-awareness. - Reach a state of greater coherence between thinking-feeling-doing. During the workshop, the theory about the original energic structure of creation will be explained, to later go deeper into how that same energic structure can be rebuilt inside you, to allow you to complete the integration of the original frequency of your soul so you can experience your reality from a higher and expanded state of consciousness. Detail Agenda of the Experience Introduction and Theory about the original energic structure of creation and the Original Frequencies. Opening of the original sacred space of healing. Acceptance of reconnection to the original energy structure of all creation and reactivating the original frequency of the soul. Meditation To rebuilt and integrate the Original Frequency Field and Consciousness of the unified chakra. Initiation and healing with the original frequencies of white, red, orange, yellow, green, pink, blue and violet light through the Original Frequency Field and Consciousness the sacred geometry. ​ Practice Exercise ¨Unblocking, Purification and Freedom from limitations¨. -Group dynamics through timeline and visualization. -Awareness How does my environment block and limit me? -Meditation of the tornado of light through the Original Frequency of White Light. ​ Practice Exercise ¨Healing of roles and karma in personal relationships¨ -Group dynamics through timeline and visualization. -Awareness with what pattern of unforgiveness or karmic relationship have I connected in the dynamics? -Spine integration meditation through the original frequency of kundalini light. -Prayer for the healing of Karmic relationships. ​ Practice Exercise ¨Healing of the physical body and rooting¨ -Group dynamics through timeline and visualization. -Awareness What part of my physical body needs healing and how is my relationship with the planet, elements, animal.

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Boadilla del Monte, España

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