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We are a group of people, with a common purpose of "Help" people to live consciously... Our paths have come together, after finding our own as teachers, psychologists, therapists, singers, artists, actresses, dancers, nutritionists and much more....

Sunday Xavier


I consider myself a visionary, self-taught person, writer, therapist, teacher and psychologist with a natural connection with my soul.

Angelica LA


Professional singer/artist and music therapist who helps the person to awaken their light and remember how to live with passion from the emotions and the heart.

Cristina Croitoru


Expert Nutritionist and Therapist, focuses on helping the person recover health, beauty and harmony through food.

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Michelangelo L.


Expert Intuitive Healer and Teacher of dance and body movement. Help people to recover the joy of living and unity with the soul. It is supported by nature and its elements.

Silvia DA


Expert Interior Designer, Image Consultant, Conscious Creator and Master of Energy. I help people to remember that true love comes from within. I support myself in spaces, art, fashion.

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