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Domingo Martin



During my  healing process I understood that the key to being able to really help others  to make a significant change in your life is that each person can  develop their own skills  manage your  change process completely independently.  

This is how after years of training  in different disciplines, Origen-33 is consolidated in a project to promote conscious evolution, cooperation and unconditional love between people.


I consider myself a simple, visionary, self-taught and multifaceted person, with a natural connection with my soul and a great sense of humor.


My desire to understand my vital processes and to be able to live my life with purpose from a state of freedom, abundance and fulfillment. It led me to explore in depth the potential of the human being and understand its original design, through my own transformation.


  This has allowed me to understand and develop the skills of how to transform my external reality from the inside, to experience reality from a higher state of consciousness.  and consciously create the desired reality of my soul.


At a professional level


4:30 pm

I am a Therapist, Writer, Teacher, Project Manager, Psychologist, Spiritual and Life Guide.


I live with a deep desire to help people in their personal transformation so that….


  • Learn to transform your reality easily and free yourself from all the limiting patterns of the ego that prevent you from creating your desired reality.  

  • Recover the original spiritual connection with your soul in a conscious way to understand your sacred plan and purpose.

  • Reach a state of coherence between thought, feeling and emotion through meditation

  • Develop greater emotional self-control and cognitive abilities.


Vivo con un profundo compromiso de servicio desde la excelencia para ayudar

las personas en su transformación personal y profesional para que….


  • Aprendan a transformar su realidad fácilmente y se liberan de los patrones limitantes del ego que les impiden crear su realidad deseada. 

  • Recuperen la conexión espiritual original con su alma de forma consciente para entender tu profesion ideal en coherencia con tu propósito sagrado.

  • Alcancen un estado de coherencia entre pensamiento, sentimiento y emoción a través de la meditación. 

  • Promover la salud holistica y el bienestar.

  • Mejoren la salud, desarrollen un mayor autocontrol y las capacidades cognitivas.

  • Aprovechar el rol profesional para fortalecer la identidad personal, la evolución consciente y desarrollo habilidades. 

  • Transciendan los apegos del ego al rol profesional como identidad.

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