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Silvia DA


My inner voice has guided me to find my way to improve the world and expand love between people, from that simplicity I create and live my life, being aware that every desire for love counts to help create a better world.


A phrase that has accompanied me in my process of evolution and finding myself, has been ¨How are others going to love you, if you don't love yourself¨ ... throughout my life I have gone through hard experiences where I have I had to overcome my own internal challenges until I could truly love myself... this deep reconciliation is now my best personal medicine, which I put into everything I do and share with others...

The Intention you put into what you do is energy, when I create a design from the heart or advise someone about their image, I know that the energy of love that I create from within will be part of that space and accompany the person in his transformation.

At a professional level


4:30 pm

My intense search and dedication led me to train in different disciplines of interior design to understand that there is a relationship between the energy of things, colors, shapes and elements that are part of the environment and the way you experience your reality.


¨The environment in which you live directly influences your life¨


On the other hand, through styling and fashion I understood that it is possible to improve the relationship with yourself, being able through a complement to change the way you feel and thus improve the internal relationship with yourself.


¨Your physical appearance directly influences your self-esteem¨



Through different energy practices, I have understood that EVERYTHING has a vibration and that crystals help maintain  the bioenergies of the environment flowing in harmony through  our spaces.


When a space or object has been exposed to negative energies  the places remain  “impregnated and blocked” by these energies, stagnating the flow of beneficial bioenergies and this having an impact  negative  on  the people and  your health.


A  crystal can  restore the beneficial vibration of a space.

Designer, Interior Designer, Image Consultant and Conscious Creator, my journey has led me to merge art, decoration, fashion and spirituality to create beauty, promote well-being through spaces and help personal transformation, creating a  new knowledge that I apply through my Space&Harmony method.  


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