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The main purpose of the original yellow light frequency is to help people connect with their self-assessment and self-recognition, to regain their true personal power. When you are aware that talents, abilities, qualities make you unique and unrepeatable, an important power emerges from within.

Personal power is usually based on many values conditioned by social stereotypes. These promote a search for recognition and appreciation to fit and be socially accepted as someone successful and important but really create a false idea of self-worth by being based on doing and having to be.

Creating an authentic self-assessment identity implies that from the inner being that you are in essence, you discover - recognize - accept everything you contribute to the world, even if this does not fit with what the world expects of you.

On the Energy level:

This original frequency elevates your vibration so that you become aware of the limiting patterns that you repeat because of the influence of socially accepted stereotypes, which gradually disconnect you from your being.

When you connect with your true personal power, you activate the purpose of your being in all the little things you do in everyday life. Naturally, this restores the vibration of prosperity and abundance in everything you do.

The Original Yellow Light Frequency will help you connect with everything you are passionate about, allowing you to naturally perceive the right place, the people and opportunities you need to live doing what you love.

This frequency activates the process of integration in all parts of your being: subtle bodies, chakras, DNA and even at the molecular level. When the vibrations of abundance and prosperity are encoded and impregnated in you, all the stagnant energy of poverty, scarcity and lack is released that kept you from attracting things at a vibrational level more easily and simply.

On a Psychic / mental level:

In many cases, when you try to fit in and adapt to the values of social stereotypes, you are subconsciously "COMPARING". The comparison itself is neither bad nor good, except when the process of comparing yourself results in not feeling inferior so as not to be rejected or preferring to be superior to others for your being the one who rejects. In such cases, it is the internal mechanisms of your EGO that are limiting you, since you feel important, successful or valuable because of something that is not really important to your SOUL.

This frequency helps you transform the mental mechanisms of the ego of limiting comparison and reprogram the mental patterns of seeking recognition and approval through the opinion of other people. It frees you from the need of the ego to feel superior and / or the fear of being inferior.

When the comparison is constructive and born from your soul, you connect with what you really value from your inner being without giving more importance to what others think. Maintaining this status helps you identify your strengths and recognize your weaknesses to continue developing.

On the other hand, the original yellow light frequency can also help you develop your intellectual capacity and improve your ability to memorize and remember. It makes learning easier by increasing your ability to analyze, digest and retain information.

On an Emotional level:

When we talk about abundance, we mean all the good things that help us stay in a deep state of fullness. Therefore, this original frequency can help you search and find what you are passionate about or good at. The reality is that we all have some skill and / or quality that we come to share with others and in many cases we have not discovered or developed them yet, for some reason.

Once you tune in with this frequency you recover and enhance creativity and joy, helping you to release emotional patterns of sadness and depression.

On the Soul level:

The vibration of this original frequency activates the qualities of the soul of Joy, self-worth and independence.

Many times we lose independence and stick to the roles that give us more security. In many cases we live attached to a single role, such as the professional role. When you develop the awareness of self-worth, you are able to let go of the things that limit you more easily and simply, without having to stick to a specific role, since you have developed a vision that includes consciously valuing yourself in many areas and roles of your life. Many times when we live with liquidity and a certain level of dependence, we do not attract new opportunities that can connect us with abundance and prosperity. However, when you tune into this frequency, new paths and opportunities open up so that through your decisions you begin to create the life that your soul really wants to live.

On the Physical level:

The original yellow light frequency is aimed at dissolving all frequencies that block and limit your own flow of abundance and prosperity. When you integrate it at the cellular and molecular level, all your cells recover a natural state of joy that the physical body recognizes as happiness. By sympathy, some molecules interact with others, promoting the self-healing of different physical or psychological diseases. Remember that part of diseases occur when the body and cells lose the vibration of joy and happiness.


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