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Updated: Nov 9, 2021

The purpose of the original frequency of orange light is to help people heal the subconscious memories of the pain body, the emotional wounds related to your family, ancestral and collective can affect your emotional state in an unconscious way. This frequency helps to release the internal accumulated toxicity generated by the pain and emotional repression of many generations, which in many cases is the origin of many physical and psychological illnesses, and this frequency will help you, to neutralize the effect of other people toxic emotions that are part of your reality and environment. As the accumulated emotional pain transforms within you and you disconnect from all external emotional influences, you gradually regain relaxation and emotional balance until you reach a higher state of conciousness of Equanimity.

At the Physical level:

Emotions have a profound impact on the endocrine system of the physical body responsible for generating and maintaining balanced hormonal levels. When toxic emotional patterns are repeated internally, they affect the general health of the physical body by altering hormone levels, even weakening the immune system,

When you have lived chronically with emotional pain, this may already have affected the health of the physical body, organs and cells, especially the digestive system. This frequency has the following beneficial healilng effects on a physical level:

  • Hormonal balancing effect, helping the physical body to strengthen immunity, stimulate cellular metabolism and accelerate the healing processes of diseases.

  • Regenerative effect and cell renewal, in many cases the tissues of the physical body and organs can be diseased and have lost their molecular and cellular structure, so it is necessary for it to regenerate in order to recover its original structure until a state of health is restored perfect.

  • Healing of the digestive system and gastrointestinal disorders, encourages cleaning the body internally.

  • By harmonizing emotional energy, it promotes better blood circulation, relieves muscle aches and can help in the treatment of rheumatism.

At the Mental level:

  • Promueve un estado de bienestar mental y psicológico, aportando equilibrio y paciencia.

  • Esta frecuencia también te ayuda a mantener y fomentar una actitud optimista en la vida.

  • Te puede ayudar a desarrollar una visión del futuro con esperanza y positividad, alentándote a vivir y seguir el flujo de la vida.

At the Emotional level:

In many cases, people live with a state of stress, anxiety and emotional nervousness that is caused by unconscious memories, which are generally activated by the fear of re-experience the feeling of emotional pain again, long before something happens in the present, the pain is trigger by the memory that cause you pain in the past, internally the memory of the pain makes you re-experience the emotional pain of the past without, it being something real in the present, this state of anxiety in many occasions is a permanent state with which you get used to living.

This frequency helps to release the emotional pain of the past and to heal the wounds related to the repression and emotional explosion, being able to live from a deep state of emotional balance.

It also helps you to disconnect from the toxic external emotional influences of other people, enviroment and the collective in general.

Begin your emotional healing by purchasing a crystal tuned to this frequency.

At the level of the Soul:

This frequency helps you develop the soul qualities of relaxation and equanimity. In many cases we have not developed an emotional intelligence that allows us to feel, identify and express an emotion, this can lead us to exploit and act irrationally, or repress our own emotions. Gradually, by harmonizing the emotions, you reduce the intensity because you are able to observe them and not identify with the emotion as if it were you, being able to reach a state of greater balance, allowing you to express the emotions firmly without the need to be aggressive or submissive. It is possible to live and express emotions as part of our daily experience, without getting caught in a limiting emotional pattern, believing that that pattern and emotion is really you. On the other hand, when we do not understand our own emotions and these are also affected by the emotions of the environment and the collective, we can become overwhelmed and lose the clarity of what emotion or emotions you are feeling and why. Emotional equanimity, can be describe as a state of emotional observation that allows you to have clarity of your emotions allowing you to feel the emotion without fighting against it, no matter how uncomfortable it may seem, identify and recognize the reason for the emotion, and then express the emotion without holding others responsible or blaming yourself.

We understand that, in order to reach a state of emotional relaxation, it is necessary not only to balance your emotions, but also to disconnect from the external influences that unconsciously feed a state of inner anxiety and emotional nervousness. There are family, ancestral and collective emotional energetic fields invisible to the human eye, but having a direct influence with greater or lesser intensity on your unconscious emotions. Inside these emotional group fields, there are store all the memories of harmful emotional patterns, which, due to the suffering of the family, ancestors and all humanity it got accumulated and created throughout history, these emotional group fields have led people to re-experience the pain of ancient history over and over again. This frequency gradually helps you to disconnect from all the old connections and toxic emotional patterns of the emotional group fields, thus being able to reach a state of emotional relaxation by only relying on your own emotional self-management.

At the Energy level:

  • At a general level, it helps you relax the energy system, facilitating deep sleep and being an antidote to insomnia.

  • Transform the toxic and negative emotional energies within you, helping to heal your emotional wounds from the root cause.

  • Build an energy barrier that neutralizes toxic emotional energy from group fields, the environment and other people, helping you maintain a state of balance and emotional calm.


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