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Your energy system has a complex structure as the systems of the physical body. This structure is composed of different divine bodies that function as a system that, when reconnected, merges your human and divine parts to experience a new level of higher consciousness and wellbeing.

The divine self exists in different dimensions or non-physical bodies that are composed of vibration, geometry, void, movement, direction, sound and color. All perfectly organized and synchronized with each other, existing in total harmony and connection with all the creation.

Each of the divine bodies uses different geometric shapes that act as organizers and holders of non-physical realities. These geometric shapes are known as Sacred Geometry.

Some sacred geometric have the purpose of keeping all the parts together and connected. The sacred geometric form that is usually used to describe the energetic structure of the universe, that connects all of creation, it is the toroid. The Toroid is an energetic hologram that self-regulates, so it is always balanced and complete. The energy of a toroid flows from one end, circulates through the center and ends at the other end. It appears in all parts, in atoms, cells, seeds, flowers, trees, animals, humans, hurricanes, stars, suns, galaxies and even the cosmos.

Through history and many ancestral practices such as traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and many others, they have focused on studying the energy body closest to the physical body, which we could define as the human physical-energy body.

The composition of our human physical-energetic body could be defined as an invisible tissue that covers and interpenetrates the physical body. The other components that form it are the meridians and nadis, which are the energetic veins that allow the flow of the frequencies towards the main energy centers or chakras. Like the organs of the physical body, each chakra has a specific function, in addition to storing and regulating the use of energy, so that each part that makes up human consciousness can function optimally.

The energy that flows through your energetic system may have a higher or lower vibration or frequency, such as blood pressure. As the frequency of the energy that runs through you rises, the energy blocks that have a direct impact in your repeating limiting patterns will be gradually removed. In order to raise your frequency, you need to re-connect with your divine bodies. Once they are re-connected, you will begin to integrate the vibration that allows you to rebuild your original holographic designs to merge the human and the divine.

All anatomy training courses included in the methodology, will allow you to understand that the disconnection between your different divine bodies and your human self is what causes the state of inner conflict that prevents you from reaching a state of greater fulfillment in your life. You will also learn how to activate the sacred geometries, divine bodies and original holographic designs that will help you reach a higher level of consciousness as your human outer being and your divine inner being merged together, to gradually become your divine-human self.


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