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This original frequency is born with two main healing purposes, the first is to help people to reconcile with the beneficial energy of our beloved planet and the second is to help people heal the wounds that creates separation and conflicts in humanity due to racial, cultural, religious and political differences.

The first purpose of the original planetary frequency is to facilitate grounding with the different layers the planet. It is important that each person, during their ascension process of increasing their frequency, recognize the need to integrate the energy of the planet, this process is known as grounding, as you merge your energy fields with the healthy and healing vibrations that emanates from the fields of the inner planetary grids. Generally, many people find it very difficult to keep their fields permanently connected to the fields of the planet, so they often have the need to do meditation and visualization exercises to stay grounded.

When you do not manage to stay grounded, you can experience different imbalances and ups and downs in your mental, emotional physical and energy bodies. As you become more sensitive there is a tendency to be like a sponge energetically, and absorbs lower frequencies from the environment, creating chaos and internal confusion. On a mental level you are more likely to be scattered, with difficulty concentrating and materializing your ideas. On an emotional level you may experience ups and downs and more sudden mood swings than normal. On a physical level, you may experience lack of vitality and a feeling of chronic tiredness.

This frequency can help you gradually to:

• Bring energy of vital force, regeneration and illumination of the planet to the physical body, promoting the healing of the physical body. It gradually helps the physical body to reconnect with the laws and principles of nature and life.

• Strengthens the health of the body by balancing the energy of the elements, water, earth, fire and air that are part of you.

• Fosters a state of harmony, by helping your vibration adjust to seasonal changes, since in many cases we have difficulty adapting gradually to the energy change that the planet is experiencing at the beginning of each season and this can produce different imbalances . By improving your connection to the energy of each season, spring, summer, autumn and winter, your body adapts harmoniously to each seasonal change.

• Improve communication with the soul of Mother Earth. There may be energetic blockages in your inner self due to the irresponsible acts that you might have caused to the planet in previous life-times, this is known as planetary karma. When you reconcile with Mother Earth, the blocks dissolve and this allows you to stay grounded.

• Rescue the fragments of the soul that have been trapped, lost and fragmented in different parts of the planet. Due to traumatic and painful experiences that the soul has experienced throughout their past lives, parts of your soul that are trapped in the different layers and places of the planet may be missing and by not having that energy inside of you, there is a feeling of being incomplete somehow.

• On a physical level it can give you strength and vitality, as well as improve your heart rate, by tuning in to the heartbeat of the planet. When you tune into the energy of the planet, you can also reach a state of greater clarity and mental balance.

• On an emotional level, it will help you to reach a state harmony in a and maintain it, making more difficult that you become nervous or stress.

• Strengthen your channel and energy structure, to favor the axiotonal alignment with the meridians, the ley lines and the energy grid of the planet.

In relation to the second purpose, as you can observe today there is still a lot of intolerance, violence and cruelty among people, which in some cases history makes a faithful reflection of it through world wars, terrorism and other devastating events like nuclear bombs. The question you can ask yourself is why there is this struggle and conflict in humanity and when it started. The desire for power, greed, ambition and recognition are the pillars that have led humanity to an excessive desire to control and be superior than other, we could see this as the birth of chaos that humanity is experiencing today. At this point a good question you can ask yourself is ¨What´s hidden underneath the desire of superiority among people?

There are very deep wounds of pain, which lead people to experience a deep feeling of resentment and hatred towards other people, and the truth is, that in many cases, feeling this way doesn´t make sense. When someone believes that is better or worse than another person, simply because is from another country, has another race or culture, practices another religion or believes in another political Ideology. Many of these believes you have assumed as you own since your childhood and have become part of your identity as an adult, creating a sense of false self-worth simply by believing that you are better than other people. In truth, this beliefs are not your wounds, they are wounds of humanity, that come from conflicts that occurred hundreds of years ago, and that still today are still not completely resolved.

On the other hand, maybe the culture of the system in which you were raised has taught you, to love the place where you were born and your roots, which is a positive thing, but when this feeling of patriotism or nationalism turns into fanaticism and something extremist stops being positive, causing a struggle between people that only helps to create more separation and conflict, moving away from treating each other with enough humanity. In truth there is no country, race, culture, religion, or better or worse person, it is only an illusion that we humans have created to have a false sense of self-worth.

Every time someone decides not to judge or attack another person for any of these reasons even though we were educated to do so, we are gradually healing these collective wounds of humanity. The original frequency of planetary consciousness helps to reprogram the beliefs of the subconscious mind that creates separation between people by judging each other based on racial, religious, cultural and political differences.

As this pain is healed inside each person, in you and me, this is the beginning that collective unconscious pain will be transform to give birth to new ideas and feelings of acceptance, tolerance and respect among people, and that is why it is vital to recognize, that the individual effort of each person is what really allows these social wounds to be healed and this is the way in which a new world is being built, by learning to value our differences you can recognize that humankind makes up a bigger family.


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