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This original frequency is meant to help raise the vibration within your elemental level of consciousness. The element ETHER is considered the fifth element more subtle than water, air, earth and fire, which it interprets and integrates. We could say that the ether element itself has been separated at different levels of consciousness, on a very spiritual level and on a more earthly one.

The ether element on a spiritual level is the life force of the universe that keeps the records, files and matrices of everything that happened in it from the universal memory of nature, of the galaxies and even of your spiritual essence. On the other hand, there is a part of the ether element that has gradually integrated into the interior of the planet, changing its vibration for a less subtle one. It holds the memory and archives of all life forms on the planet. Each spirit that has incarnated on the planet has left an imprint or a record through its vibration with the accumulation of experiences and lives on the planet. The original frequency of ETHER creates a new unified field of consciousness, where the vibration of the spiritual ether and the earthly ether merge and are no longer separate to help you:

  • Reconnect and integrate the ether element in a unified way in your consciousness.

  • Open new energy channels and activate DNA so that you can raise your vibration.

  • Unlock spiritual connections with the Universal Memory Archive and the Book of Life Archives to help you better remember and understand the story of your soul from within.

  • Heal the history of the soul, healing past lives of pain and suffering. Through this frequency you can transmute, clean and rewrite the karmic records of your soul that were in the universal and planetary memory. It also facilitates healing through dreams.

  • Complete your soul during the personal ascension process, reintegrating it into your consciousness and bringing to the present moment all the dharmic energy in the form of feelings, virtues, gifts, talents and self-realization masteries that you have accumulated in other lives of fulfilment and happiness.

  • Complete your original energy structure as a divine human being.


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