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This original frequency is born with several purposes, to help people recover a state of mastery, inside each person a latent teacher is latent, this teacher can be described as the inner voice of your soul. When you clearly hear the voice inside, you begin to understand and understand the reason for certain experiences and processes of karmic learning, moving away from victimhood and drama.

This original frequency provides the following beneficial effects:

  • Activation of the level of your master consciousness.

  • Healing of the wounds of the soul from the misuse of personal Power, the patterns of controlling or being controlled.

  • It helps heal lack or excess of self-esteem, balancing feelings of self-worth.

  • Neutralizes the effect of limiting opinions of others.

  • It helps you to hear the voice of your soul clearly, to discern the truth from your inner wisdom.

  • It helps to recover the integrity between what you think you feel, say and do.

  • Wake up the plan and purpose of your inner teacher.

  • It brings the qualities of the soul of integrity, discipline and self-worth, Maturity and responsibility.

When your inner teacher wakes up, you acquire clarity and discernment of your own truth, without letting the limiting influence of other people's opinion affect you, you gradually learn to recognize and trust your inner truth without doubting yourself. Discernment is the quality of the soul that you develop by being able to differentiate between the voice of your soul and the voice of your ego.

Another purpose of this original Frequency is to help people regain integrity, usually people repeat limiting patterns by losing the integrity between thinking, feeling and doing.

When your inner teacher integrates, your soul can express itself without being sabotaged by the ego, you become an expression of your soul in everything you say, do, feel and think.

In many cases socially we learn to control and be controlled by other people, stealing free will or being the servant of others. This original frequency helps to deprogram the limiting beliefs that encourage over-indulgence, not allowing oneself to say no and giving a different opinion to others. When you follow your inner teacher, you learn to respect yourself, not allowing others to take away your personal power and also learning to respect the personal power of others.

In addition, this process also helps you heal the wounds of the soul from not respecting your time, effort and energy in the same way that you value that of others, as these wounds heal your relationships are transformed to be based on mutual interest and respect.

This original frequency also helps you to wake up and remember your masters, qualities and talents that you already developed in other lives. As you awaken the sleeping wisdom of the inner master and put your talents into practice, the purpose of your soul is revealed step by step, to understand the reason for many things lived until you reach a vision and deep understanding of your divine plan.

When you are not aware of what talents or abilities you have, it is difficult to be able to value yourself in a balanced way. This means that in many cases people live with a pattern of having the need to compare themselves with others to be superior or inferior in some way.

In many cases it makes people compete with each other, in order to find their recognition and self worth. Unconsciously, our ego or lower self makes us think that we can be inferior to someone and in this way we strive to be superior to others, this internal mechanism exists within us since we have not learned to value ourselves for who we are in essence , and we try to value ourselves for what we have or do mainly.

This frequency helps to deprogram the limiting beliefs that need to be compared with others to have a balanced self-esteem and also frees the limiting beliefs and feelings that you are not important enough or valuable or that you are more important than others, it is a profound healing of the wounds of the inferiority and superiority soul.

By honoring how important and valuable your life is, your time and your energy and recognizing your talents, abilities and purpose, this allows you to have a self-esteem based on the vision of your soul. Being able to learn to honor others, appreciate and benefit from their work. As you integrate your inner teacher, you change your attitude of comparison and competition, for that of self-recognition and appreciation.


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