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At some point in the history of the human kind, we lived from a state of full freedom where fear did not influence our thoughts or emotions. From this state of higher consciousness, we freely choose what to think and feel. The main purpose of this frequency is to help you recover a state of inner freedom by dissolving the blockages generated by fear and allowing your soul to express itself freely from a high state of consciousness, by reintegrating the vibration of the freedom of being.

The original frequency of freedom also will help you to build an energy barrier, which prevents the energy of the opinions and interests of others from influencing you in a limiting way, neutralizing the energy that usually makes your decisions to be based on other people opinions, to please and make others more happier than yourself.

One of the meanings of freedom is that you don´t belong to anyone but to yourself, but sometimes people may act and treat you as if they own you, and expect you to be who they want you to be, and it might happen that before you realize it you have lost part of your freedom. This frequency helps to neutralize the energy that others unconsciously project to manipulate, take advantage and control you in different ways.

At the Physical and Energetic level:

One of the functions of your physical body energy is to connect and merge your inner being or soul with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. The better the connection between all part is, the greater the state of order, balance and harmony that you experience in your life.

In most people, the energy of the body has been split into different parts for different reasons. This separation is generating blockages that cause an internal disconnection, where the merge with the inner parts of your authentic self is not fully possible. After going through endless experiences throughout lifetimes and the history of your soul, the biggest blocked layer that usually exists is the one created by fear. Each person experiences fear differently having different inner conflicts between their inner authentic self and outer personality self. In many cases, you want several things at once, on the one hand, the mind wants one thing and on the other your feelings another, and you might end up doing neither one, in many cases the conflict of not been able to reach an agreement inside is caused the layer of fear.

Over time, these energy blocks and internal conflicts create dead zones where energy does not flow, and when these parts of the body are left without vitality and tend to be weaker than the rest, more prone to illness and lack of health. This state of inner separation is the prison where the inner being waits to be rescued, since it has been trapped and remains a slave of the limiting subconscious mental patterns and the emotions frozen in the body, based on fear, which prevent a total integration of the inner being with the physical reality for its expression in everyday life.

In order to release internal blockages, the original frequency of freedom opens the energy channels to gradually reach a state of energetic freedom, where the physical body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit can be reunited as a whole.

On a Psychic / mental level:

At the mental level, the original frequency of freedom can help you in the following ways:

• To achieve freedom of thought and ideas: This frequency helps free us from all the rigid, obsessive, repetitive, limiting thoughts that are part of our mind (connected with the thought forms of the collective unconscious) that influence our lives, the original frequency of Freedom helps you find a renewal of ideas to help you find your own way of thinking freely.

• Release old mental programming based on fear: Experiencing fear is something healthy and normal in the daily life of each person when circumstances justify it. It is a good practice to live without fear of being afraid because at certain times it is very healthy to accept and recognize that there are things that cause you fear. Fear is not always real, in many cases the fears that you perceive can be deeply programmed subconsciously, causing a misperception of reality.

Fears can gradually limit your life, to the point of not wanting to relate to other people, stop doing certain things and much more. Through the original frequency of freedom, you can dissolve the the core of fear matrix, this matrix is ​​usually covering your mental body and is where your programmed thoughts are stored to live constantly in fear, in many cases causing unconscious fears that are not real, we live them in a real way. and these fears direct, control and limit your life.

On an Emotional level:

Our emotions, in many cases are very programmed by the thoughts based on fear, so when you have a thought of fear this is reinforced with an emotion of fear and they feed each other back as if it were a closed system where it is not possible that access new ideas or feelings.

Emotions based on fear can be deeply programmed, up to the point where you are not able to distinguish what is your inner authentic voice from the one of your unconsciousness mind. The original frequency of freedom helps in a generalized sense to dissolve and release emotional programming based on fear, which gradually leads you to lose your freedom in different ways.

On the Soul level:

This original frequency is connected to the soul qualities of freedom and personal independence, building your true self identity is a process that requires that you are willing to face your own shadows and let go the beliefs and emotions that ego based, and not soul based. When the inner strength of the soul awakens to find your true identity, you get connected with the movement and openness to experience whatever it takes, so in each step you take, you bring to the surface a more authentic part of yourself. Being open to experience will also help you develop flexibility and adaptability as more likely part of your reality will change, as you change your beliefs and feelings inside, your will create a new outer reality shape in resonance your true self identity.


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