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It will also allow you to experience a spiritual initiation and reconnection with the consciousness of the original sacred sound of creation, to recover fragments of the sound of your soul and allow the vibration of your voice to allow you to transform negative thoughts and emotional imbalances easily and simply. ...amplifying your self-healing ability by singing  the Original Mantras connected to the Original Frequencies.

This 4-hour workshop is intended for you to experience the VoicEvolution technique as a group, which through group dynamics, singing exercises, meditations and sacred moments of reconnection with your soul, through your voice and that of the teachers, you will be able to learn a new form of spirituality and healing while developing your artistic skills.

The VoiceEvolution Experience is intended for you to begin to release the original sound of your voice and gradually be able to use your sacred sound for your own personal healing by helping you raise your vibration and  consciousness.
This experience  tea  will allow you to recognize and transform the patterns of repression and censorship of your inner truth,  that subconsciously you can drag in forms of fears, which prevent you from being able to  express yourself authentically and freely in your personal relationships.  

Free yourself from conditioning  and limiting beliefs in relation to your voice, so that you can sing freely without any fear. 

Why live the VoiceEvolution experience?    

  • To live authentically by learning to express yourself freely.
  • To reactivate the self-healing capacity through your voice.
  • To release energy blockages, transforming old patterns of thinking and feeling.
  • To reduce anxiety, stress, fatigue, balancing your mental and emotional activity.
  • To Integrate and complete the original Sacred Sound of your soul.
  • to live your reality  from a heightened and expanded state of consciousness.
  • To recover the listening of your inner voice with clarity.
  • To rebuild the energy channel through which your sacred sound flows and recover the lost sounds of your soul. 
  • To regain a sense of well-being and activate the body's self-healing by  raise the vibration of your cells through sound.
  • To learn to heal  the wounds of your soul and so on  to be able to create healthy affective bonds in their relationships from self-love and detachment.

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