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The Original Frequencies are the healing vibrations that flow through the unified layers of creation, merging the universe, people and the planet. They will help you experience your process of conscious evolution in a more balanced and harmonic way by reconnecting with the original frequencies of your soul.

Wake up your original frequency, take an evolutionary leap and become your fully conscious human being!

On many occasions the energy system is blocked at different levels for different reasons, once the internal channels of the soul open and connect with the personality, internal healing begins and this is done through the frequency of the person's soul. As these channels integrate and merge internally, the soul regains access and the power to continue healing the wounds and imbalances of the personality.  


Many times we think that we ourselves are not capable of healing ourselves, but this is an erroneous perception, since the greatest healing power is found within us through your soul. That is why the therapist and the crystals act as a catalyst so that the levels of vibration and consciousness that need unblocking and alignment reopen and can be integrated. 



  • To remember who you truly are and live authentically being yourself.

  • To reactivate the self-healing capacity of the physical body.

  • To transform your limiting subconscious patterns and improve your inner and outer reality.

  • To understand the reason for your vital processes and learning agreed by your soul. 

  • To recover a state of inner freedom and energetic self-empowerment by recovering your connection with the planet and the universe.

  • To live your reality from a high and expanded state of consciousness.

  • To recover the listening of your inner voice with clarity.

Within the human energy model, each person has different energy channels through which a variety of frequencies flow through different holographic energy structures of the soul, connectors between the human and the divine, which when rebuilt allow you to feel whole again, activate your original frequency and experience everyday life from a heightened state of consciousness.

Many times the energy channels are blocked preventing you from raising your vibration and your consciousness, not being able to feel the internal connection with your soul or allow the inner marriage between your soul and your personality.  Thanks to the work of, study, identification and classification of all the frequencies that flow through the universe and planet, the ¨Original Frequency Healing¨ therapists can do a personalized energy study that will focus on removing energy blockages and limitations and restoring the harmonic flow of the original frequency of your soul.


The session lasts approximately 45 minutes.


The Therapist will focus on working with the frequencies that are part of the selected session, following these steps.  

For each level of consciousness that the therapist has identified as having a low vibration, imbalance and/or blockage, the following steps will be performed:

1. Activate the original energy structure and sacred geometry of the patient.  to allow the person to release stagnant and low vibration energy by strengthening their channel and regaining their independence and energetic empowerment.  

2. Remove blockages and release external energies and fragments that do not belong to the soul, from the environment, family, personal and collective relationships. That by not completing the learning of the soul and the personality remaining trapped in the karma that leads you to judge, attack and blame. the release of external energies includes negativity, black magic, curses, envy, implants, wandering entities and souls, fears and old limiting structures of the ego.

3. Reconnect the channels and the multidimensional DNA of the soul through each frequency, to reactivate the dormant information that allows the conscious evolution of your personality through the qualities of the soul until you recover the integrity between your thoughts, feelings and emotions from the beginning. which you experience your reality from a heightened state of consciousness .

4. Rebuild the hologram of the level of Vibration and Consciousness in the patient's energy structure to complete the integration and stabilize its frequency.  

5. Channel the most appropriate Original Frequency to heal, harmonize and repair the patient's chakras and help in the healing of the physical body, with the purpose that the patient recovers clarity and understanding from within the purpose of this life cycle.


At the end, the person is explained everything that they are ready to consciously understand about their vital processes and learning and the areas where they need to continue doing the inner work of becoming aware and healing.  


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