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Healing of the Physical Body

In the process of your personal healing, it is important to raise the vibration of the physical body. By activating the original frequency of your soul, it begins to integrate within each molecule and cell helping to release the energy of disease and encouraging the body to gradually recover a state of perfect health.


Much of the internal conflicts and blocks that each person experiences consciously or unconsciously, may be caused by a host of factors, which sooner or later cause illness. Some of the possible factors identified through our methodology that help the body gradually get sick are:

  • Emotional factors, based on patterns of chronic suffering and pain.

  • Mental factors, based on obsessive patterns and limiting beliefs.

  • Factors based on family genetics stored in your DNA.

  • Factors based on pollution and electromagnetic radiation.

  • Factors based on karmic energy blocks with the planet.

  • Factors based on pain and illnesses experienced by the physical bodies of your ancestors.

  • Factors based on unhealthy habits, addictions and vices.

In many cases the physical body has been disconnected from the healing vibration of your soul and the different planes of divine consciousness, gradually losing the vital force until you become ill. Once the original healing frequencies are integrated, the body activates its own capacity for self-healing, allowing it to take a quantum leap of consciousness.


As you progress in your personal healing, you understand that in order to fully reconnect with the original vibration of your soul, you need:

  • Reconnect the physical body with its innate capacity for self-healing.

  • Reopen the channels that allow the body to expel the energy of disease.

  • Raise the vibration to molecular to activate cell regeneration and strengthen the immune system in the biological plane.

  • Deprogram disease of the genetic family of your DNA.

  • Learn to heal and regenerate by intuitively forming the body, organs and cellular memory.

This part of the methodology has the purpose of helping you to reconnect and strengthen the levels of consciousness that help the healing of the physical body, based on the original frequencies.



Through the courses, as you move forward with theory and practice, you will understand that the body can get sick from different factors. The same disease has different causes depending on each person, so during training you will learn to access the levels of consciousness: physical-biological, elementary, ancestral, cubic and planetary. You will practice different techniques of intuitive healing that will allow you to develop a personal routine to continue independently with the healing and regeneration of your physical body.

If you think your time has come to improve the state of your health and activate another part of the original design of the divine human being, sign up for our training.

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