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The content of the Life Learning Course consists of:

Part 1 - Learning the experiential cycle.

The goal is that each person will learn how to organize their life experience, identifying

patterns - habits - behaviors that limit them at this time of his life and

that he would like to improve.

Part 2 - Identifying strengths and weaknesses.

Through practical and experiential exercises, each person will begin to

understand what vital learnings are part of your personal development

and can deepen to identify the beliefs that are the root

of the problems or limiting situations.

Part 3 . Building vital directions and personal routine.

The goal will be for each person to start developing the skills

that allow you to live your process of personal change in an organized way

and with a clear direction. Learn to include a routine of self-management and inner listening so you can manage changes independently, as the priorities of the vital moment change.


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