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El propósito de la frecuencia original del ser humano angelical es recordar a las personas que en algún momento de la existencia de su alma vivían totalmente conectados y sintonizados con la vibración de la dimensión angelical. Esta dimensión contiene tu propia frecuencia angelical o aspecto angelical de tu consciencia que al perder la conexión quedó separada de tu consciencia humana.

The purpose of the original angelic human being frequency is to remind people that at some point in the existence of their soul they lived totally connected and attuned to the vibration of the angelic realm. This dimension contains your own angelic frequency or angelic aspect of your consciousness that when the connection was lost, your human consciousness felt it as separated.

Many people have forgotten the existence of this part of their being, living and feeling incomplete unconsciously because there is separation between their angelic consciousness and their human consciousness. This separation makes people perceive angels as something external and not as something part of their own.

In the angelic realm is your own inner angel, waiting for you to remember it to re-merge with your human consciousness. The total connection between both aspects, will allow you to experience life on earth as an angelic human being, able to experience consciously your angelic-self and human-self as a whole.

The level of angelic consciousness is a level that makes you feel connected to the source of universal light. This connection is an aspect of pure light that is part of consciousness. Humanity unconsciously, having lost this connection, lives with what we might call the wound of the fallen angel. These feelings make them feel impure, guilty and unworthy of deserving to return to a state of bliss.

Humankind gradually created this wound by letting the dark part of the ego take control and thereby gradually descend the angelic vibration from pure light, attracting the vibration of the fallen angels. In this way humanity and each person began to reflect the non-evolved or negative aspects of their inner angel, becoming the aspect of their fallen angel. The low vibration, in many cases, can lead to thoughts and feelings of evilness and darkness towards yourselves or towards others. The inner chaos that is created can lead you to self-destructive patterns throughout your life.

For many centuries, to be totally connected with the angelic realm has not been possible because the vibration of the planet descended, not allowing the higher frequencies of the angelic light to be fully reconnected in the environment. However, at this moment in the evolution of the planet, the grid and network of pure and crystalline light has been restored and reactivated, allowing all of us to consciously recover and maintain this level of connection and consciousness with the angelic realm.

The re-connection to the angelic planetary grid is also helping to merge the three levels of angelic, human and physical body consciousness, thus allowing you to live on earth with balance and harmony as an angelic human being.

In many cases, as you regain connection with the angelic realm, you experience a deep state of peace and love that gradually might make you not want to be your physical body nor grounded. You may want to remain in the angelic dimension to stop living the chaos and collective suffering that is experience in the earthly life. This original frequency will help you master the reconnection of the angelic with your human and physical self.

Healing properties of the original angelic human being frequency:

  • Awaken your inner angel, to allow the integration between your human and angelic consciousness.

  • Re-connect and anchor your angelic human being, within your physical body and the planetary angelic grid. allowing your experience on earth as an angelic human being to be with balance and grace.

  • Open the energetic channels that reconnect you with the healing vibrations of the angelic and archangelic realm. This reconnection helps the healing of many deep wounds of the soul, including:

    • Heal the wound of separation from your inner angel.

    • Heal the wound of not wanting to be grounded on earth.

    • Heal the wound of the fallen angel of unworthiness.

    • Activate the key codes, fire letters and sacred geometry to fully reconnect the angelic DNA within your consciousness.

    • It releases hooks, cords, bonds and karmic energies that block the integration of your angelic consciousness.

    • Activates the divine plan and purpose from the level of the angelic human being consciousness. This healing opens new conscious doorways to understand how your soul comes to create its own piece of heaven on earth.

    • Re-connects with the healing frequencies of the Kabala angels and the Luxor angels. The frequencies of these angels help to disconnect and reprogram the influences of negative mental and emotional patterns connected to the fallen angels.

    • It allows us to live the whole activation and integration process with harmony.o angelical:



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