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Angelica LA


Professional singer/artist and music therapist who helps the person to awaken their light and remember how to live with passion from the emotions and the heart.


In this class I teach what I practice with myself so that you can:

  • Learn to connect with the inner being in a conscious way.

  • Remember how to transmit the essence of your soul through the sounds of your voice.

  • Release the anxiety and tension that limits your lung capacity.

  • Connect with the rhythm to improve motor skills and coordination.

  • Improve memory and listening.

  • Reactivate the capacity for self-healing through your voice.

  • Release energy blockages by transforming old limiting patterns.

All on a flamenco base and technique to develop your vocal and artistic skills.

This technique focuses on the person recovering the connection with their soul, emotion and feeling, so that from an internal state of consciousness applying the vocal technique and other skills, the person can sing from the authentic and healing sound of the soul.  


Sometimes to recover the voice, it is necessary for the person to understand that old patterns and emotional wounds are hidden in the layers of the ego that limit the expression of the natural voice from the soul, and once the awareness is raised and the wounds are healed a reconnection with the authentic part of the voice and feeling occurs.

This class is done by opening a healing space for the person and the teacher connects with the person's soul and energy before the class begins.

During the class, through different exercises and dynamics from enjoyment and fun, we work on rescuing the voice from the inside, helping to normalize the person's natural breathing and pulsation.

One of the exercises is focused on performing a vibrational massage on all the internal organs, on stimulating the cerebral cortex that will help release stress, rigidity and accumulated tension from the body, from a state of peace and relaxation we can access a deeper level. of the voice

The voice is greatly influenced by the person's mood, so through an exercise we help balance the emotional state by releasing stagnant and repressed emotions that will also help increase the level of hormones and endorphins.

Between the different singing and voice exercises we will connect with the rhythm and beat of the different flamenco styles to develop vocal technique and artistic skills.





The result of the class is a reflection of the vital moment of the person, so that while you gradually release the voice and develop the technique. The person remembers and loves her again. Transforming the limiting patterns, by facilitating the recognition and awareness through the voice, of that part that you were not able to understand, necessary to heal internal wounds and be able to reconcile with yourself.

It can also help:

  • Allowing you to express emotions and feelings that are difficult to talk about and making verbal expression more accessible, by being able to recognize the inner state.

  • Improve mental health and emotional well-being.

  • Facilitate reflection and allow you to identify the possible changes that would be advisable in your habits and/or behavior.

  • To recover the listening of your inner voice with clarity.

  • Improve your vocal technique while developing your artistic skills.

  • To live authentically by learning to express yourself freely

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