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Mental deprogramming

In the process of personal healing it is important to be able to gradually re-program the entire system of limiting beliefs. To allow this task it is necessary to be able to reconnect the higher mind or supra-consciousness with the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. By reopening the energy channels that allow the union between the three levels of the mind, you can use the energy of your higher thoughts and beliefs of your supra-consciousness to consciously and instantaneously re-program the old beliefs. As you learn to work with this conscious re-programming technique, the three parts of your mind become unified into a divine mind, especially having released the internal patterns of the subconscious mind, which is usually the most blocking to reach a unified state of mind At the physical level, the three parts of the brain (Neocortex, Limbic and Reptilian) also undergo a fusion, to stop functioning separately.

Another important part that facilitates the re-programming of limiting beliefs is related to the brain wave in which the mind is located. If the mind is in an overly active state of alert, it can make re-programming difficult. On the contrary, if the mind is relaxed in a meditative state, it facilitates conscious re-programming. As you progress in the practice of this meditative technique, and leaning on the crystals tuned to the original frequencies that facilitate the reconstruction of your unified mind hologram, the mind gradually reaches a neutral state where the brain waves (Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta , Gamma) naturally tend to balance and connect. Having merged your human mind with your divine mind, you will achieve a unified brain wave level that will allow you to live in an expanded state of consciousness at the mental level.



Once the channels of the different levels of the mind are reconnected and you have learned to relax the mind and balance the brainwave, you are ready to put into practice the conscious re-programming technique. This will allow you to continue moving forward as you live your daily life and consciously make the unconscious by identifying beliefs and limiting judgments.

Through the courses, the methodology will be explained at different levels, allowing you to identify where mental patterns and old thought structures have been blocked. With the progressive advance between theory and practice, you will understand the mental model of the divine human being. In addition, you will understand that your mental structure is not only located in the head but that there are areas of the physical body totally connected with the mind through the nervous system. These other parts connected to the mind are the emotional brain, located in the area of ​​the abdomen, and the transpersonal brain, located in the heart. In order to realize a complete deprogramming of all your consciousness, you will understand how the thoughts of the collective of humanity, of the country and city where you were born, of the family and even of the ancestors, can affect your thoughts.

If you think your time has come, you will learn to disconnect from these old external thought networks.

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