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Experience Theme


  • Introduction and Theory about the Original Structure of Creation.

  • Explanation of the structure of the Original Design of the Soul.

  • Reconnection of the original Wizard design.

    • Conscious acceptance of reconnecting the original design by each attendee.

    • Disconnection from the system of old energy networks and consciousness.

    • Construction of the Original Unified Matrix (MUO) of the assistant.

    • Attunement to the original system of creation and the crystal lattice of original frequencies.

    • Activation and healing through sacred geometry.

    • Activation of the original evolutionary spiral of the assistant.

    • Reconnection of the super spiral of the Human-Divine DNA.

    • Original axiotonal alignment through the system of 33 chakras and bodies.  

    • Activation of the inner triad from the level of consciousness of the whole.

    • Alignment of the stem cell and the pineal gland with the original seed of creation.

    • Activation of the core of divinity in the assistant.

    • Meditation for the healing and integration of consciousness and physical body through original design.

    • Meditation for resurrection of all the divine holograms that allow the stabilization of the original design through the multidimensions.

Upon completion of the course, the attendee will be given access to the community's private folder so that they can:

  • Read more information about the theory and structure of the original web design

  • Perform the Original Design healing meditation, which will help gradually integrate the patient's original design into their personality and physical body .

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