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The therapist through the sacred sound of his voice singing the mantras of the Original Frequencies. It will help you reconnect with the original frequencies of your soul so that they begin to heal emotional wounds and deprogram limiting belief patterns.


During the session, your soul can reintegrate and complete the original Sacred Sound of your voice, rebuilding the energy channel through which the sacred sound flows, allowing you to recover the lost sounds of your soul through its history.

Awaken your original frequency through sacred sound, take an evolutionary leap and become your fully conscious human being!



  • To remember who you truly are and live authentically being yourself.

  • To reactivate the self-healing capacity through your voice.

  • To reactivate the self-healing capacity of the physical body.

  • To transform your limiting subconscious patterns and improve your inner and outer reality.

  • To regain a state of inner freedom and self-empowerment.

  • To Integrate and complete the original Sacred Sound of your soul.

  • To live your reality from a high and expanded state of consciousness.

  • To recover the listening of your inner voice with clarity.

  • To heal the wounds of your soul and thus be able to create healthy affective bonds in your relationships from self-love and detachment.

Within the human energy model, each person has different energy channels through which a variety of frequencies flow through different holographic energy structures, connectors between the human and the divine, which when rebuilt allow you to feel whole again, your frequency is activated original and experience everyday life from a heightened state of consciousness.

Many times the energy channels are blocked preventing you from raising your vibration and your consciousness.  Thanks to the work of, study, identification and classification of all the frequencies that flow through the universe and planet, the ¨Original Frequency Healing¨ therapists can do a personalized energy study that will focus on removing energy blockages and restoring the harmonic flow. of the original frequency of your soul.


The session lasts approximately 45 minutes.

On many occasions the energy system is blocked at different levels for different reasons, so the Therapist will  a personalized study to the patient,   where it will identify what levels of vibration and consciousness  they need unblocking and healing.

For each level of consciousness that the therapist has identified as having a low vibration, imbalance, and/or blockage, you will need to repeat the following steps:

1. Activate the patient's original energy structure and sacred geometry to remove limiting mental and emotional prons.

2. Correct the imbalance and remove the blockages, this will allow  reopen the channels and reactivate the dormant information in the multidimensional DNA. 

3. Rebuild and reconnect each Field of Vibration and Consciousness in the energy structure  of the patient  for  complete and stabilize your frequency. 

4. Therapeutic singing and music of mantras connected to the sacred sound to channel the most appropriate Original Frequency to heal, harmonize  and repair the chakras  the  patient.


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