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We know that the Soul is conscious energy with a purpose, that energy is part of the whole, at the same time it unites and is the whole. Therefore, a thought, an emotion and a sensation is energy. The purpose of the soul is to reconnect the whole that is part of your being, when you begin to integrate the original frequency of your soul, all the conflicts that kept you disconnected from your essence are transformed,  allowing the union of your inner being or soul with your outer being or personality (mind, emotion and body) to feel complete again, as a whole. 



  • To remember who you truly are and live authentically being yourself.

  • To reactivate the self-healing capacity of the physical body.

  • To transform your limiting subconscious patterns and improve your inner and outer reality.

  • To reach a state of inner coherence between thinking-feeling-doing.

  • To learn to heal  the wounds of your soul and power  create healthy emotional bonds  from self love and detachment.

  • To integrate and complete the original frequency of your soul.

  • To reconstruct your original design as a divine human being.

  • To regain a state of inner freedom and self-empowerment.

  • to live your reality  from a heightened and expanded state of consciousness.

  • To recover the listening of your inner voice with clarity.

  • To awaken the wisdom of your soul and reactivate your dormant gifts and talents.

  • To gradually discover and realize your soul's purpose.

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The patient is explained that  therapy is only performed once in a lifetime and that once reconnected with its original design, gradually your energy system will recover its original structure helping you transform all limiting patterns, releasing old thoughts and emotions that made it difficult for you to become aware and prevented you from Raise your vibration to live and consciously create reality from your soul.


The session lasts approximately one hour on the stretcher and 30 minutes to clarify doubts with the patient.


Before starting the session,  a sentence so that the patient  consciously accept the reconnection with your original design.

*If the therapy is done remotely, it will be sent  a video conference or video call.


Once the patient lies on the stretcher, the therapist will perform  the reconnection technique  of the original design consisting of the following steps:

  • Disconnection from the system of old energy networks and consciousness.

  • Construction of the Original Unified Matrix (MUO) of the  patient.

  • Activation of the Unified Chakra and the sacred geometry of the patient.

  • Tune in to the original system of creation through the network  crystal clear of the original frequencies.

  • Activation of the original evolutionary spiral of the patient.

  • Reconnection of the super spiral of the Human-Divine DNA.

  • Original axiotonal alignment through the system of 33 chakras and bodies.   

  • Activation of the inner triad from the level of consciousness of the whole.

  • Alignment of the mother cell with the original seed of creation.

  • Activation of the core of the patient's divinity.

  • Activation of the Pineal Gland through the original divine seed.

Once the individual session is over, the patient will be given access to the community's private folder so that they can:

  • Read more information about the theory and structure of the original web design.

  • Do the Original Design healing meditation, which will help you gradually  patient's original design is integrated into their personality and physical body.


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