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Why  become a therapist  Original design?      

To be able to...

Learn a simple and practical healing technique that  you can apply  as a vibrational therapist after completing the training.

Learn  a Daily Routine that will allow you to strengthen your channel and alignment, necessary to become a Vibrational Therapist.

Experience your own reconnection with your Original Design as a patient to take an evolutionary leap in consciousness.  


Develop your own wisdom and vision by having experienced your own transformation process after reconnecting with your original design.  

Develop your self-awareness and skills as a therapist by understanding the anatomy of the Original Blueprint of the soul and the workings of the original energetic structure of all creation.  


Learn to reconnect and create with your hands the original energetic holograms of creation   as a conscious creator.

Help rebuild the original energy structure of the patient that will allow him to integrate and complete the original frequency of the soul to live from a high and expanded state of consciousness.

Within the original human model, every person  it has different divine holographic designs or templates. These designs are the different energy structures, connectors between the human and the divine, which when rebuilt allow you to complete yourself internally and live from a higher state.  by facilitating the passage from the unconscious to the conscious.   

Each holographic template of the divine human original design is connected to an energetic layer, which has specific qualities and purposes. Naturally, each person tends to express some qualities more than others depending on their original design that was created with a divine purpose.


Through the original frequencies, you will be able to discover and have a greater understanding of which are the original designs that are part of you as a divine human being, which are the ones that empower and strengthen you the most,   which are the ones that you have to balance to reach the inner realization that your soul had agreed as a purpose.

Living from a higher state of consciousness allows you to understand the experiences of daily life from a higher purpose, where everything that happens is perfect and is part of your evolutionary process of learning and healing.  So you can get out of the patterns of suffering and pain until  reach a state of love and inner illumination.

The price of the workshop includes your  swarovski crystal  custom activated with  you

Original design


Upcoming Courses Scheduled for Therapists

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