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    • It brings emotional stability by clearing the energy of stagnant emotions.
    • Dissolves emotional patterns stored in the subconscious.
    • Purifies the air element, activates the dreaming mind and brings inspiration for new ideas.
    • Reduces mental fatigue and calms hyperactive people.
    • It helps in the processes of change to let go of the old.
    • Drive to reach your goals and solve problems.
    • It helps the physical body to eliminate tiredness, tension and accumulated stress, favoring relaxation.
    • Purifies the water element, balances the body's fluids and helps reduce fluid retention
    • Balances the hormonal system, regulates menstrual cycles and enhances fertility.
    • Help to recover the knowledge of the secrets of the universe.
    • It stimulates the pineal gland, promoting telepathic communication and intuition.
    • Awakens the mysticism and the forgotten wisdom of the internal and external cycles.
    • It brings the qualities of the soul sincerity, naturalness and spontaneity.


    Measurements: 28 x 18mm

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