Today, more and more people are recognizing the need to reach and live from a state of inner peace. The primary purpose of this original frequency is to help people regain a state of deep inner peace and live their reality from an expanded state of peace consciousness. By integrating this frequency within your consciousness you neutralize the external influence of stress and anxiety in your environment and helps you to became aware to reprogram all the limiting beliefs and emotions that make you live in a hurry creating internal stress.

At the Physical level:

When you live with an excessive level of stress and nerves daily and you have not yet learned to live from a state of inner peace, the physical body is not relaxed, accumulating tension and muscular rigidity.

Gradually this causes the body to lose vitality and strength, feeling tired and no matter how much you sleep or rest the body does not regain vitality.

This frequency helps open the energy channels that allow the body to release and drain the accumulated energy of exhaustion produced by excess stress and lack of peace, which especially accumulates in the joints, skeleton and muscles, This frequency helps to strengthen the skeletal system.


At the Mental and Emotional level

One of the main reasons, which makes people live stressed is related to their way of organizing their time and their reality, when the person lives in a stressful way the mind is over-stimulated and accelerated, wearing out brain functions, unbalancing and deteriorating three systems responsible for maintaining the homeostasis of the organism: the Nervous, Endocrine and Immune Systems (psychoneuroimmunology).

This original frequency is an anti-stress antidote that helps on a mental level:

  • Relax the mind, regain clarity and peace of mind.

  • Balance and unify the cerebral hemispheres.

  • It helps reduce anxiety, anguish and nervousness in a general way.

  • Helps release obsessive / compulsive fears and patterns caused by stress.

On many occasions we live with the idea that living in a hurry is normal and you may have normalized, that living with the feeling that you lack time and you must do things quickly. It is clear that sometimes you can face many tasks and responsibilities, it may not be realistic that you can do all those things and you are self-demanding and self-imposing something that is not possible and this is what produces stress and along with the idea that everything must be done quickly.

This original frequency helps you to live from a state of inner peace, which allows you to do your tasks and responsibilities without hesitation, connected with the present moment and your conscious breathing, helping you transform the thoughts that you don’t have enough time and you have to finish all fast to start the next task. It helps you change the way you organize, so that you realistically do your task connected to you from inner peace.

Stress also produces emotional imbalances, especially affecting hormonal activity, which can negatively affect the health of the entire body, from the skin, stomach and hair.

This original frequency helps you transform states of emotional anxiety by transforming any imbalance and helping your emotions to flow again with calm and smoothness, allowing you to regain a state of balance and emotional equanimity.

At the Soul level

This original frequency helps develop the soul's qualities of unity, peace, and organization.

In many cases, people have forgotten or are not aware that everything around us is connected on an energetic level, there is an invisible union that makes people living in different parts of the world feel their thoughts from thousands of kilometers away, there are energy networks that unite the thought of all humanity.

When you live consciously recognizing unity, you understand that you are not separate from other people and that what you think of another person or another person thinks of you can affect you.

This original frequency helps you dissolve the collective beliefs of separation between people, which dehumanize and reinforce the behaviors of judging, fighting and attacking each other. The quality of the soul of Unity favors human relationships from brotherhood and union of heart, in addition to fostering the ability to help each other for the common good.

This original frequency helps you remember and feel your union with everything around you, it helps you experience your connection with all of creation.

When you develop the quality of peace, you begin to experience reality from an expanded state of awareness of inner peace. The vibration of peace is radiated in your way of speaking, thinking, feeling and being, helping to transform the vibration of lack of peace and stress of the environment, you become a channel that brings peace to everything around you as a messenger of peace to the world.

In many cases the way you organize your priorities and your time is messy, unbalanced and unrealistic, either for personal reasons or to meet the expectations and needs of others, this disorganization contributes to you disconnecting from yourself in the moment Present. When you develop the quality of organization, you create your reality in an organized way, prioritizing your time in the things and tasks that you have to be doing, maintaining the connection and communication with yourself in a conscious way.

At the energy level

Stress and nerves are transmitted from one person to another, you may be yourself the one who believes the stress or it may be that people around you transmit it to you and that you unconsciously absorb it at an energy level, causing your mental activity and you lose your inner peace. This original frequency helps strengthen your energy field, creating a barrier that prevents the energy of the environment of anxiety, distress, nerves and stress from affecting your state of inner peace.

On the other hand, at an energetic level, many times the aura can be damaged for some reason, causing your vibration not to remain elevated. This on a conscious level, can affect you having mood swings, emotional imbalances until you have voltage drops, this frequency helps you repair fissures and energy leaks so that your aura remains sealed and your vibration as high as possible.

This original frequency also helps to bless your projects and your reality with the energy of miracles.

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