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The main purpose of the original frequency of kundalini light is intended to unblock the upward flow of energy through the spine, also known as the kundalini channel. This flow passes through the 33 vertebrates that are part of the spine, this is the reason why the prism of freedom is a 33cm glass rod.

This original frequency provides the following beneficial effects:

• Unblocking, Purifying and Releasing all the low vibrational karmic energies of the spinal column. There is an ascending channel that comes from the interior of the planet and that ascends through our spinal column (also known as kundalini). In many cases this channel has remained blocked, not allowing the full release of the karmic history of your soul. This is why mental and emotional patterns are repeated obsessively, because in the present moment you are reliving the pain and suffering of the past.

•Through the prism of freedom, you will release the mental rigidity that does not allow you to live the roles you perform in a flexible way. It helps you to stop identifying, exclusively, your identity through one or several of those roles. When this happens, you begin to free yourself and detach yourself from the idea that you are that role with which you have identified yourself so far. By observing the role as something that is part of you, but that is not you, you allow your inner being to take control to play the role in the most flexible possible way.

• Increases your frequency with the vibration of freedom, unconditional love and universal wisdom. The process of individual ascension of each person is that gradually the highest vibration of your being, which has remained outside of you human self, waiting to be integrated in your spiritual fields, begins to descend through your mental and emotional field. All the beliefs and emotions that limit you are deprogrammed, until you can raise each particle, atom and cell that is part of you, with the highest frequency of the human divine being that you are.

During the process of raising your frequency, there are at least three basic elements that have to be increased within energetic structure to help you to maintain your balance. These three aspects or elements are your light quotient, your quotient of love and your quotient of wisdom. When all three rise at once, you allow your being to regain its power and use it lovingly from your inner wisdom.

• Helps to aligns and integrate the entire chakra system, both those of the physical body and those that are above the head and below the fee. In this way, all your chakras begin to function as a unified system of chakras that allows your highest frequency (of light, love and wisdom) to remain stable and balanced, becoming a powerful and harmonic channel of light.

• Reach a state of perfect balance, by unlocking the spine and unifying the chakra system, there is no excess or lack of energy in any of the basic levels, and the energy can flow in harmony through you. When there are no blockages, your consciousness stops repeating obsessive patterns, allowing you to dedicate your time and energy in a balanced way in everything that is part of your reality.

• Harmonize the basic aspects of your being, the prism of freedom helps each basic level of consciousness to reconnect and work as a whole, these basic levels are: grounding, enjoyment, independence, affection, expression, intelligence, intuition and spiritual connection.