One of the most important purposes of this original frequency is to awaken the inner master that each person carries within. Your inner master can be described as the voice of your soul, when you start to listen to your inner voice clearly, you start to understand and gain clarity of why you experienced certain things and needed to go through karmic learning process, changing the perspective from victimization and drama to conscious evolution and empowerment.

This original frequency provides the following beneficial effects:

  • Activates the level of your mastery consciousness.

  • Healing the wounds of the soul from the misuse of personal Power and the patterns of controlling others or being controlled by others.

  • Help to heal the lack or excess of self-esteem, balancing feelings of self-worth.

  • Neutralizes the effect of the limiting opinions of others.

  • Helps to listen the voice of your soul clearly and discern the truth from your inner wisdom.

  • Help to recover the integrity between what you think you feel, say and do.

  • Awaken the plan and purpose of your inner master and teacher.

  • Provides the soul qualities of integrity, discipline and self-worth, maturity and responsibility


When your inner master is awakened You gain clarity and discernment of your own truth not letting the limiting influence of another people’s opinion affect you, as you experience your daily life, you learn to trust your inner knowing without doubting yourself.


Another purpose of this Original Frequency is to help you regain integrity within, as you release fear-based programming that blocks your inner master to become integrated in your mental, emotional and physical bodies.  When your inner master becomes integrated, the guidance that you receive from your soul can be expressed without getting sabotage, you become an expression of your soul in the way you think, feel, do and say.


When you follow your inner master, you learn to respect yourself not letting others take away your personal power and can embrace others personal power. This frequency helps to heal the wounds of the soul related to the misuse of personal power, helping you to respect yours and other people free will and not trying to manipulate or control others.


Also, when you stop, trying to get people to do what you want in a controlling way, without considering their needs, you also heal the wounds of respecting the time, effort and energy of others. This helps relationships to be based in shared interest and respect.


This original frequency also helps you to gain vision of your divine plan, talents and purpose as you understand your self-mastery, when you are not aware of what talents you are here to share and offer to others, people in many cases follow a pattern of having a need to compare themselves to others, sometimes feeling unworthy and other times feeling worthier than others. This comparison behavior created by their lower self, in many cases results in people competing against each other to feel their own self-worth.


By honoring your self-mastery and feeling self-worth of your talents, skills and soul purpose, you can learn to honor others, appreciate and benefit from the work they have to offer. As you step into your self-mastery you switch from competition to cooperation, not needing to compete as you understand your own piece of the puzzle and know that everyone is also a piece of a bigger puzzle.