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The main purpose of the Original Frequency of the Synergic Geometry is to help align the beneficial and healing energy of the planet and the universe with the physical body, to restore and build a greater state of mental, physical and emotional health.

This original frequency provides the following beneficial effects:

  • Raises your overall consciousness to the next higher level available that you are ready to integrate. Releasing depression & negativity in a general sense.

  • Helps the light body to gradually activate & merge with the physical body, releasing old energy structures that create separation, preventing the light and physical body to become the unified physical body of light.

  • Healing of the physical body by activating your sacred geometry.

  • The energy waves that creates helps the higher and lower chakras to operate as one unified chakra system.

  • This original higher frequency helps purify old genetic and ancestors’ fears patterns within the mental and emotional body.

  • Helps the consciousness to release additions and unhealthy habits that gradually make the physical body to get sick.

  • Helps release and reprogram fear in the DNA layers.

  • Helps to dissolve from our consciousness, fear-based programming from the collective unconscious matrix.

  • Attunement of the pineal gland to higher frequencies, to improve the alignment to the inner selfHealing of the physical body by activating your sacred geometry.

  • Helps our spiritual bodies to stay grounded.

  • All the benefits of the original frequency of white light.


​The sacred geometry of the small stellated dodecahedron, is the result of the combination of the dodecahedron and icosahedron, the same sacred geometry shape as the current planetary light grid structure. In addition to bringing forth the attributes of both geometries, also carries the properties of the other geometrical shapes and patterns as the square, cube, pentagon, five-point star, triangle, tetrahedron.

Through the sacred geometry of the Small stellated dodecahedron a synergy of geometries occurs, as all the different geometries are integrated into one, the merging of all geometry shapes creates an even stronger healing effect and also amplifies and takes your energy field to a higher vibrational level.

The small stellated dodecahedron or 12 pointed star helps the light body to get activated in the spiritual dimensions and to gradually descend to integrate with the mental, emotional and physical body. In other words, it helps in the process of bringing down the subtle energy bodies from the higher dimensions into the physical body, as the combinations of the different geometry’s shapes contain all dimensions, it can go from the 12th dimension down to the third dimension.

The energy dimensions closer to the physical body, is normally where more lower vibration frequencies and disease get stuck and accumulated, as a result this may lead to the physical body getting unhealthy.  The closer the light body gets actived to the physical body, is where you might find more difficulty, to raise your vibration and is where the synergic geometry sphere can help you the most as its purpose is to go through all blocks and old energy structures surrounding the physical body.