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The purpose of the original frequency of white light is to raise, unblock, purify and transform energy. Something in contact with your energy or with the environment, transforms negative energy into positive energy, helping at a general level that is in a state of balance, clarity and optimism. They also build a barrier that neutralizes the radiation of harmful electromagnetic waves.

At the Physical level:

By neutralizing harmful electromagnetic waves that weaken the energy field, helps maintain the health of the body as it prevents the mutation of cells and biological DNA, considered one of the risk factors for the development of cancer, as endorsed by studies of World Health Organization.

Raises the vibration at the molecular level, so it helps eliminate negative frequencies and impurities that may have been stored in the cellular memory of the body, having a purifying effect at the cellular level.

It improves immune system responses by stimulating blood flow and white blood cells, facilitating the release of toxic substances or infectious agents that may be damaging the body.

Revitalizes and activates cells, favoring and accelerating the processes of regeneration and healing in the body.

By unblocking the internal channels of the energy body, it is very possible that some discomforts, pains and / or diseases of the body are relieved more quickly until they disappear, as a result of internal blockages that prevent the physical body from being totally united and integrated with the energetic body.

On a Mental and Emotional level:

It is very useful to eliminate mental confusion as it helps to empty, quiet and expand the mind, in addition to stimulating intuition.

It favors positive thinking, so it reduces mental fatigue and improves memory. By having an unblocking effect, it helps to release and dissolve blockages that lead to obsessive and addictive patterns.

On an emotional level, it helps maintain a stable mood, avoiding mood swings by minimizing the negative influences of the environment. In particular, it helps people who may be living in states of depression or deep sadness, since by raising energy and purifying themselves, many of these limiting patterns are transformed.

It reduces the states of anxiety, desperation and / or stress that some people may suffer in their daily routine.

At the level of the Soul:

The vibration of this frequency helps to develop the soul's qualities of transformation, hope and courage, thanks to recovering purity at all levels of being.

One of the purposes of existence is to evolve and elevate consciousness. The path we all use in the process of awareness and learning is the sum of all life experiences. In some cases it can be a slower path and does not guarantee evolution, since patterns are repeated sometimes and it is easy to get caught up in the suffering and feeling of being a victim of circumstances.

The soul of each person also seeks to find other alternatives, for the transformation of negative energies and blockages that impede the expression of the true being, the expression of the inner being in the world. There are several options that help in this transformation and re-connection with your inner being, such as yoga, acupuncture, osteopathy, reiki, reflexology, bach flowers, crystals among others.

In some cases, the problem is that people think that it is not possible to transform the defects of their personality into virtues, they think, I am like that and I am not going to change. On the one hand, they have not discovered that it is possible to transform imperfections and on the other hand they have forgotten the "purpose of evolution" of the soul. These people may not have the hope that with effort, dedication and using different alternatives, it is possible to be reborn in a new conscious being and leave learning through suffering.

It is possible to be reborn in a new conscious being and to leave learning through suffering.

When you connect with the energy of your inner being, you begin the process of deprogramming and unlocking everything that is not real, everything that prevents the soul from creating the desired reality. In this process, one of the most important things besides having developed skills to facilitate this transformation, is being open to experiencing all the experiences that are activated in the healing process. This type of experience is what the soul needs so that the outer being can observe, recognize and accept his own darkness, becoming aware of the dual thoughts and emotions that need to be reprogrammed. The process of experimenting requires that the soul has the courage to live and go through any experience however dark it may be, since without that quality it would not be possible for the soul to integrate with the outer being.

At the Energy level:

Reconnecting the energy field with healthy and beneficial electromagnetic energy that flows through the electromagnetic fields of the planet, strengthens the energy field of the person to invert the negative waves into positive ones.

The original frequency of white light detects and eliminates blockages of energy so that the natural flow is restored throughout the body, encouraging the gradual opening of the chakras and the integration of the vibration of your soul inside your mental, emotional body and physical.

It keeps the energy of the physical, psychic and emotional body in motion, so it helps to release excess energy and prevent the stagnation of energy until reaching the energy balance.

Strengthen the crystalline connection with the energy of the planet, allowing the vibration of your soul to integrate into the energy fields of the planet.

It helps the bodies to remain rooted in crystalline energy of the interior of the planet, in this way the process of vibrational elevation and awareness is experienced with greater balance. At the same time enhancing and amplifying the irradiation of the beneficial vibrations of the soul in the environment.

It helps to raise the vibration in all the levels of the being, from the spiritual level to the cellular, molecular and atomic. Cleansing, purifying and transforming dense negative energies into light.


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