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meditation technique ¨oRIGINAL fREQUENCY¨ 

           ORIGINAL FREQUENCY OF the inner goddess

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Healing properties of this original frequency

  • It provides a feeling of well-being and promotes relaxation of the body.

  • Reconstructs the original atomic, molecular and cellular structure, accelerating the healing of diseases.

  • Helps reduce anxiety, stress, fatigue and aggressiveness by strengthening the immune system and balancing your mental and emotional activity.

  • It synchronizes brain waves and facilitates entering altered states of consciousness for inner transformation.

  • It helps to develop the quality of freedom of expression.

  • It encourages the expression of inner truth from naturalness.

  • Heal the wounds of censorship and repression of the voice.

  • Heals the wounds of misuse of the word, to lie, deceive and control.

  • Healing of the misuse of psychic gifts through the word.

  • Activates the awareness of the sacred power of the word and the voice.

  • Helps to recover the lost sounds of the soul to unify the voice.

  • Rebuild the inner channels through which your sacred sound flows.

  • Release energy blockages by transforming old patterns of thinking and feeling.


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