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The man from  primitive time  uses sound and its expansive properties to transmit messages, from words to percussion, with chants or prayers... The value of sound as a form of interior realization.


The sages of  Ancient Egypt, ancient Babylon or Ancient Greece, carefully studied the effects of sounds on the behavior of nature and men and discovered that it helps maintain a state of balance and well-being,  However, it was the philosophers  Pythagoras and Plato  those who concluded that sounds (and music in particular) are geometric, numerical, vibrational and holographic compositions, endowed with transforming and harmonizing power. Pythagoras assured that there is a music (which he called 'symphony of the spheres') that unites matter and that if it stopped playing the world would collapse. of his theories  ensure that each body has its vibrational musical note  and this includes every living being, from the atom to the galaxies passing through the human being.

The VoicEvolution technique combines Art, Healing and Spirituality to help people free their voice until  recover the original sacred sound of your soul.   When the sacred sound produced by a person's vibration is distorted, it causes the atomic and molecular structure to lose its balance, causing cells to become ill and the immune system to weaken. When you learn to use your voice as a powerful resource for conscious evolution, transformation and inner healing, you realize that in your own voice you have the power to change the subconscious patterns of your thoughts, feelings and emotions that made you feel limited and free yourself from all the distortions that were gradually affecting your health.

¨The voice is the oldest and most natural instrument we have, we could be surprised how the voice can help heal the deepest emotions  and help you regain connection with your true self¨

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Sunday Xavier

I consider myself a visionary, self-taught person, writer, therapist, teacher and psychologist with a natural connection with my soul.


Professional singer/artist and music therapist who helps the person to awaken their light and remember how to live with passion from the emotions and the heart.


Angelica LA

Learn to use your Sacred Sound to transform your

inner reality


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