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¨The Universe has a perfect structure known as the Balance Vector  that allows it to evolve and expand in an orderly and systematic way, this same structure exists within  of you at a holographic level, by reactivating your original design you recover the perfect energy structure that allows you to reorder your being from the inside to  experience  in harmony with all creation¨

The vibration shift technique  ¨Original Design¨ has the main objective that you experience the power of your self-healing at all levels of your being, by reconnecting with the vibration, structure and original purpose of your soul. 

Once you RECONNECT with your Original Design you begin to lift,  expand your consciousness and physical body freeing you from everything old that made you feel disempowered and / or sick. From the clarity of your inner voice you remember how to consciously evolve. You understand the WHY of your patterns to recover the connection  of who you truly are and live authentically being yourself.  



Reconnecting with your original design allows  The original vibration of your soul helps you to make the unconscious conscious, transforming and deprogramming the subconscious of all the limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions that affected your health.

being able to experience reality from a state of full consciousness from the original frequency of your soul.


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Do you experience our Space&Harmony Method in your spaces?  ?      

Perform our Free Energy Harmonization Meditation in your spaces.

Book an Individual Session to harmonize your home, center or business.

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Turn your Home or Center into a sacred place that provides balance and love to regenerate and nourish yourself with the beneficial and healthy bioenergy of the environment.


original buying  the Original Design Structure created with the sacred geometry of the Balance Vector with a  Swarovski Crystal woven inside after being Activated  and Channeled  personalized for the buyer

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